Free Download: Leveraging the Latest Learning Technology

The Experience API and a Learning Record Store to Create Superior Learning Solutions

eLearning Industry standards are being reinvented... Can your training delivery systems take advantage of them?

Your learners are moving to mobile-can your LMS keep up?

Download this free white paper that explains how the Experience API (xAPI) is transforming training delivery and management around the world.

The xAPI allows you to track and report on how learners access, use, and succeed with training in all the newest forms, from games to on-line forums, from videos over smart phones to question-by-question assessments.

This white paper from Instancy, a leading provider of integrated e-learning systems, will help you make sense of the terminology and options available to you

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • How the xAPI works, at a high level
  • What is the role of a Learning Record Store
  • Business use cases for Experience API and Learning Record Store
  • Just some of the activities you can track to discover the true ROI of your training roll-outs
  • How Experience API may be integrated within the full workflow of creating, delivering and managing learning
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