Instancy Web Conferencing - Virtual Classroom Training Management Software Solution System

Integration with GoToMeetingTM and GoToTrainingTM

Instancy Web Conferencing

Create and manage webinars and virtual classes from within Instancy Learning Management System (iLMS). Add powerful GoToMeeting or GoToTraining (by Citrix) web conferencing capability to events created within iLMS. Conduct live, interactive meetings and presentations and share your desktop with your students. Increase course completion rates by combining eLearning with virtual classrooms.

So what makes Instancy different?

Blend and extend eLearning with virtual classrooms

Provide a single interface and searchable catalog for all of your learning programs - eLearning courses, physical classrooms, and virtual classrooms. Surround your virtual classroom with eLearning content, discussion forums, quizzes, and email notifications to engage your students.

Easy interface for authors, instructors, and learners

Your authors can schedule virtual classrooms from the same content-authoring system where they create eLearning courses, and manage media, documents, and quizzes. Instructors can view student enrollment and mark attendance. Students can enroll, view, and track their own progress.

Common reporting interface

Training Administrators can view student participation and progress reports for stand-alone and blended learning programs in a single place. Assign certificates or gamify (create game-like learning incentives) your virtual classroom programs with Instancy Learning Management System.


Create and Manage Webinars and Virtual Classroom Sessions

Create webinars and virtual classes from within Instancy LMS, without having to sign into multiple applications.

You can schedule your webinar, assign instructors, and create presenter and participant URLs for GoToMeeting right from iLMS. Registered users can launch the webinar directly from the Instancy LMS web interface.

Webinars and Virtual Classroom Sessions

Manage Enrollment

Publish webinar events to the catalog for the users to search, view, and enroll. Collect enrollment fees (optional).

Create webinar events with a waitlist option. Approve the waitlisted registrants automatically if any confirmed users cancel their enrollments.

Manage Enrollment

Collaborate in Real-time

Share your presentations, desktop screen, and videos online with the attendees. Share keyboard and mouse interactions and enable attendees to make changes to shared documents. Increase participation by using built-in drawing and screen highlighting tools.

Collaborate in Real-Time

Record and Publish Webinars and Virtual Classes

Record a webinar with all the screen-share activities that are presented to the attendees. The recorded webinar can be auto-published into the LMS catalog after the event for viewing by people who could not attend the live event. You can even monetize the recorded session.

Record and Publish Webinars and Virtual Classes

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