Instancy Learning Management Platform, eLearning Solutions

Robust yet Flexible Learning Solutions

From delivering a single learning program to building an online university, Instancy is designed to scale with your business.

Business training provider
  • Business

    Deliver personalized learning and performance support to employees, customers, and partners to enhance productivity and satisfaction levels. Learning can be delivered as-needed on-the-job for even greater impact.

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social learning portal and mobile app
  • Learning Provider

    Setup a social learning portal and mobile app for your business clients and consumers. Deliver blended learning programs and monetize them with built-in e-commerce and Internet marketing tools.

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eLearning Content Portal for Authors, Speakers, and Trainers
  • Authors, speakers, and trainers

    Provide your content to a wider audience through a learning content portal on your website. Connect with your audience in a variety of ways much easier than building a complex website.

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Higher Education Learning Management System
  • Higher Education

    A Course and Learning Management System (LMS) for Higher Education is a web-based solution that facilitates teaching and learning in an academic environment. Post course materials, videos, links, and other resources for students while managing who has access to each learning module.

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