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Instancy Social Learning Tool

Engage your learners using social tools such as discussion forums, online chats, blogs, opinion polls, and web conferencing. Instancy's social learning toolbox allows learners to search, connect, and share knowledge with others.

So what makes Instancy different?

Flexible Social Learning toolbox

There are many systems that provide fixed interfaces for you to fit your learning programs into. Instancy Learning Management System gives you a flexible social learning toolbox to use to build effective learning programs and environments.

Integrated with eLearning and classroom learning

Integrating stand-alone social applications with a Learning Management System can be a real challenge. That's why Instancy has created a learning platform where formal learning, classroom learning and social learning can be brought together seamlessly, so you can focus on the learning process and not worry about the technology.

Encourage and reward participation and contribution

What if you could track and measure your learners' every move and crowdsource knowledge creation within your learning organization? With Instancy, you can track, recognize, and reward learner participation and contribution.


Create Communities of Practice

Instancy Social Learning Tools help you create communities of practice for users to join, based on various categories. Each community of practice can have its own sub-portal with web pages, a content library, discussions, wiki, polls, and more. Having their own community helps the community users build connections with other members and experts and learn from each other.

Each community can be "public" and open for everyone, or "private" and open to the registered members only.

Create Social Communities of Practice

Co-create Knowledge Content with Wiki Tools

Users can share information easily within a collaborative environment using the wiki feature on Instancy Social Learning. Information is visible to all the users at once. In-place content editing helps users visualize how others will see their work.

Keep track of all the version changes and revert back to earlier versions any time. You can provide hyperlinks to external resources or to any content, including images, audio, and video, within the system.

Co-create Knowledge Content with Wiki Tools

Enable Your Audience to Generate and Share Knowledge

Enable your audience to generate and share knowledge. Knowledge flow doesn't need to be limited to top-down, slow, narrow pathways. Instancy social learning tools help your audience and knowledge workers create and share their knowledge content.

  • Allow users to share content (documents, web pages, events) and links to external resources
  • Users can share content with all members or with a specific member.
  • A full-text search feature makes it easy for users to find the resources they need across all shared content.
Enable Your Audience to Generate and Share Knowledge

Share Your Expertise and Insights Through Blogs

A weblog (blog) allows users to publish short comments and ideas instantly on the web for other people to read. Blogs are often updated daily, using tools that allow people with little or no technical background to publish content on the web. Blogs are a fast and effective communication tool for groups to share their knowledge and insights.

With Instancy, you can integrate blogging for a modern, highly social learning experience.

Share Your Expertise and Insights Through Blogs

Search Members and Build Connections

Social networking features allow users to search for and connect with others who have common sets of interests. Members can manage their own profile and connections by accepting or sending connection requests to others. Registered members can also invite their friends to join the community and encourage them to share their learning resources and knowledge.

Search Members and Build Connections

Featured Members and Experts

Reward your star performers and contributors by identifying them as "featured members" and "experts."" Special status encourages greater participation in knowledge sharing, learning, and application in the work environment. This is part of what many call gamification.

Members and experts are shown in the "featured" list, according to variables such as activity and amount of content shared.

Get Featured Members and Experts

Foster Conversations with Discussion Forums

With online discussion forums, participants can ask questions and share their experiences and insights. Set up discussion topics at the learning portal level. Link specific discussion topics with courses or training events. You can moderate the posts to avoid spam. Turn on email notification to let the users know when new comments are posted.

Foster Conversations with Discussion Forums


Gather audience opinions and feedback with polls. Polls allow you to get feedback and easily find answers to your business and market research questions. Create polls with single or multiple-choice questions and gather the responses to analyze. As an option, allow users to view the poll results.


Online Chat

Enable real-time interaction among learners and facilitators with online chat. Online chat (synchronous collaboration) is the perfect informal learning tool when combined with self-paced learning and discussion boards.

Online Chat

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