Benefits of Instancy Sales Training Solution

Increase Revenue with Knowledgeable Sales Team

Sales training offers your sales professionals the skills, knowledge, tools, and confidence needed to understand customer needs and transfer the product knowledge to customers, address their concerns and increase sales. Sales training offers sales reps the best sales techniques and strategies, yielding higher sales and revenue.

Gain Customer Loyalty and Brand Image

When your customers know your products, how those products meet their needs and how to use them effectively that creates confidence and trust in your brand. Sales reps play a critical role in transferring product knowledge to customers. Customer experience with your brand can positively or negatively impact brand image and customer loyalty

Increase Sales Team Productivity

The less time sales reps spend on time-consuming tasks, the more time they spend selling. A sales team who is trained on your products and services and has access to a sales training portal can focus more on generating revenue and not waist time and effort looking for answers when needed. Give your sales team the confidence to represent your organization and products effectively.

Why Instancy for Sales Training and Enablement?

Built for Sales Teams to Access Learning Anywhere, Anytime, and On Any Device.

Your sales team need to be equipped with product knowledge and how it solves problems to land new customers. Mobile learning for sales training is the perfect solution for a workforce on the go. Using a branded mobile responsive website, progressive web app, mobile native app or MS Teams app, your sales team can learn anyway they choose. Flexible and instant access to internal corporate product knowledge and marketing teams, allows your sales team to get immediate answers to important questions.

Today’s Sales Teams Need a Comprehensive, Well-rounded Learning Solution

The importance of choice for training delivery is especially important to sales teams. With your choice of blended learning including micro-learning and virtual classrooms, address everything from sales tips to major product updates or sales process changes. Use performance support such as a product knowledgebase includes questions and answers, documents, and a video library. Use gamification to motivate your sales team through competitive contests and rewards.

Sales and Management Require Data to Make Goals and Critical Business Decisions

Information can suddenly change, requiring immediate attention by both management and sales. Reports and dashboards for sales reps, managers and leadership offer a visual and textual view of information they need to ensure all the sales reps have completed the required training and how the learning resources are being utilized. With integration to CRM, correlate learning completions with sales targets and activities. When data is at your fingertips, you can take rapid action.

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FAQ for Sales Training Solution

Instancy provides a web application that is optimized for desktop and mobile devices. In addition, you can access Instancy within Microsoft Teams to make training part of the daily workflow.
Instancy publishes a branded Apple iOS and Android mobile app for you to publish on the app stores. Sales teams can download the app from the Apple or Google app store. The App connects with the Instancy Learning Platform to provide secure access to your sales team. You can also publish the app through your own corporate or private app store.
The Instancy Learning Platform connects to CRMs like, and SalesNet, and others. We can work with your IT team to establish a connector with your CRM so that learning data can be synchronized with your business and customer relationship system data to derive insights about how learning is yielding increased sales and return on investment.
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