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Sales personnel are at the epicenter of product and industry knowledge workflow. They have a unique role in driving information from product management down to the customer and then returning feedback and change orders from the customer to product management. Instancy can help you maximize this workflow by providing productivity tools, decision support, market intelligence, and training tools to each of your sales representatives. Collect field and customer data using voice and mobile interfaces or your current Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to proactively plan for next steps and responses.

Drive better sales performance from your products and services...

Instancy can help you automate each customer's knowledge requirements by understanding customer needs and providing the right message, product presentations, demonstrations, proposals, technical support and knowledge they need, when they need it.

Focus on the Buying Cycle...

The Instancy Sales Knowledge Portal enables sales and product management personnel to work together by creating a knowledge-workflow between a new product or service's information and what segments of that information a customer happens to be requesting. Savvy companies now understand that whether their website is educating the customer, building a custom quote, or simply providing an update on an order, everything depends on the buying cycle.

Why Instancy Sales Knowledge Portal?

Instancy Sales Knowledge Portal combines the best of Knowledge Management, eLearning with Business Intelligence, enables customer intelligence and context-driven knowledge anywhere, anytime, in the field or in the office to drive sale results with consistency and confidence.
Built on web services-based Instancy Platform, Instancy Sales Knowledge-Workflow Portal is modular and flexible, so you only pay for what you use.

Leverage your CRM/SFA investments. Instancy Knowledge-Workflow Portal integrates with your CRM/SFA and delivers information, intelligence, and value back to the sales teams rather than the one-way data input that sales reps have come to dislike.

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