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Instancy Online Test Preparation

The Instancy Online Test Preparation system builds on Instancy assessments and makes exam preparation easy. Our Exam Preparation module helps you automate the complete workflow for creating, delivering, and managing exam preparations. These exams can be delivered both on the web and on mobile devices. Empower students to practice tests at their own pace whether on the web or on their mobile devices.

So what makes Instancy different?

Empower authors to rapidly create test packages

Instancy makes it easy for authors to create new test packages. Authors simply add new questions or existing questions from exam banks. Authors can link exam questions to study guides or learning resources.

Empower students to personalize their own tests

Students can create their own preparation packages for any exam by pulling together questions from existing exam banks based on many different options and criteria - difficulty level, topics, keywords, randomization, time, etc.

Flexible exam delivery

Deliver your exams through a dedicated website or mobile app with e-commerce, or offer test preparation within a broader Learning Management System portal along with other learning programs and resources.


Web-based Assessment Authoring

Organize your exams using the Instancy LCMS. Create exam questions using easy-to-use web templates. The Instancy Assessment Tool supports the most-used questions types:

  • Single Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • True/False or Yes/No
  • Fill-in the Blanks
  • Essay Questions
  • Drag and Drop

You may even create your own question types. Use Instancy's APIs to track student progress and responses.

Web-based Assessment Authoring

Build Exam Packages for Online Delivery

Create a question pool for a particular subject by combining and reusing multiple related assessments. Deliver assessments to your students as online exam packages.

Students can purchase the study guide packages using online payment options. Alternatively, you may assign the exam packages to students or groups of students.

Build Exam Packages for Online Delivery

Personalized Practice Tests

Students can create and save their own practice tests by selecting questions from the available topic list. Students can also select question attributes such as difficulty level, importance level, and versions, to build their own practice tests.

Personalized Practice Tests

Practice Tests Offered in Review and Exam Modes

Students can take the practice test in 'review' or 'exam' modes.

  • In the review mode, students can take their time answering the questions. The correct answer and explanations are shown immediately after students submit their response for each question.
  • The exam mode practice test is a timed practice that simulates the actual exam experience. The correct answer and explanations are shown after completion of all questions.
Practice Test Offered in Review and Exam Mode

Performance Reports

Students can view and analyze their own progress across multiple test attempts. Students can also view a consolidated report on progress and scores on all the practice tests within an exam package.

Performance Reports

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