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Instancy MS PowerPoint to eLearning Conversion Tool

Convert your existing PowerPoint® files into engaging eLearning content, and publish Flash and HTML5 based mobile eLearning products. Sometimes the most efficient way of developing eLearning content is to use your existing slides, instead of recreating the content from scratch. You can import the PowerPoint® file into the Instancy Learning Authoring Tool and enhance it by adding interactivity, multimedia, and quizzes. Empower your trainers and faculty to create eLearning rapidly.

So what makes Instancy different?

Create content with familiar a tool - PowerPoint®

Authoring tools provide features to make learning interactive and engaging, but these tools require skills and time to learn. To solve this problem, Instancy provides your subject matter experts with the ability to create eLearning directly from PowerPoint® presentations.

Change eLearning templates easily

Once your PowerPoint® is converted and uploaded into the Instancy content repository, select from a gallery of templates (skins), then preview and publish your content for web and mobile delivery without having to re-author it.

Easily track learning experiences

Create once and package in different ways (SCORM, xAPI or AICC eLearning standards) without re-authoring the content. Instancy enables you to track your learner progress without any scripting or programming.


Convert PowerPoint® Slides into Professional eLearning Offerings

Import your existing PowerPoint® files along with your embedded audio and video elements into the Instancy eLearning Authoring tool.

Enhance Content with Multimedia and Interactivity

Once your slides are imported into the Instancy Authoring Tool, you can further enhance the presentations. Add multimedia elements, such as audio or video narration, and simple animation effects with the built-in timeline feature.

Import Notes from PowerPoint® Slides

The notes from the slides can be imported and used as audio transcripts on an eLearning course page.

Reuse the Converted Slides

If you select the option to convert each slide as a single image, the images are stored in the repository. You may reuse those images within other content.

Customize Course Templates

You can use the available course templates from the template library and customize the look and feel of the course by changing the logo, colors, buttons, etc. Some of the common eLearning course template features include table of contents, navigation, glossary, and audio transcripts.

Publish PowerPoint® presentations into multiple formats

Your content is transformed into an XML repository and can be automatically published to many different formats, including HTML5 and Flash. Deliver your content to web or mobile devices - iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and more.

The Instancy Authoring tool and Instancy LCMS can also be used to automate eLearning standards-compliant (SCORM, xAPI and AICC) course packaging.

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