Free Download: Mobile Learning Trends for the Future eLearning Technology

Growth in the use of Mobile Devices to Access Information and Mobile Learning Market Size are Propelling the Interest Developing Mobile Learning Content and Solutions.

Educational, training institutions and eLearning content publishers must adapt themselves to the new technological landscape in order to keep their courses and learning materials relevant to today's learners.

The development of educational mobile apps provides exciting new ways to develop educational courses that are both effective in reaching educational objectives for teachers and rewarding to the online learner. This presentation will serve as a guide for managers at learning organizations into ways to adapt courses for the multi-screen and multi-device app based environment that today's learners engage in.

Instnacy eBook: Mobile Learning Trends for the Future eLearning Technology

  • Responsive Learning Design to Support Multiple Devices
  • Mobile Learning Favors Micro Learning
  • Social Mobile Learning
  • Gamification in Mobile Learning
  • Mobile Learning Analytics and the Experience API
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Learning
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

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