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Design and publish your mobile learning app

Deliver learning and performance support on the devices your learners carry - iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets, and more. Instancy enables you to create a mobile app in hours, delivering knowledge to the right person at the right time on the device they already use.

So what makes Instancy different?

Integrated with Instancy LMS

Many mobile learning apps are disconnected from web-based LMSs. The Instancy mobile app features a complete Mobile Learning Management System and is fully integrated with Instancy's LMS web experience and rapid content publishing system.

A flexible mobile learning environment

Mobile App development can be expensive and time consuming (can you say tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars?). With Instancy, configure the features and learning content you want to deliver without writing a single line of code!

Native and offline learning

There are many mobile learning apps that deliver courses online, but Instancy is the first mobile solution that delivers learning and performance support in offline mode and also synchronizes learner data with Instancy Learning Record Store.


Design your Mobile Portal and App

Instancy Mobile Learning Platform enables you to design your portal, and package it as a mobile web app or downloadable Android or Apple iOS native app.

Select a theme for your mobile app and configure the colors, logo, and features. Configure mobile app menus and set up content catalogs, social learning, event calendars, push notifications, e-commerce, discussion forums, bookmarking, progress reporting, skill tracking, and profile editing. (Get the picture? It's powerful).

You can use your own domain name for your mobile site. It's simple and easy to manage the site content from the Learning Content Management System after your site is published.

Design Your Mobile Portal and App

Create and Deliver Mobile Learning

You can quickly create interactive learning courses with the integrated web authoring tool and publish as HTML5, which is supported on various smartphones and tablets. The built-in interactive page templates help you create and deliver courses without writing code.

You can leverage your existing Microsoft PowerPoint® and Word® files and quickly convert them, to HTML5 to publish for mobile delivery.

Create and Deliver Mobile Learning

Event Management

Schedule and publish events to your site and allow your users to register for the events from mobile devices. Users can browse events in a calendar or list view. Users can sort events by location

Mobile Event Management

Quizzes and Assessments

Create and deliver online quizzes or assessments containing various question types to keep track of each learners' performance.
You have the option to present all the questions on a single page or to offer a single question per page in an assessment.
You can deliver the assessments as stand-alone for a practice test on a particular topic/subject, or deliver as part of a curriculum.

Quizzes & Assessments

Online Surveys

Create and distribute online surveys for collecting feedback and to enhance your training materials and services.
With the flexibility in survey delivery options, users can begin a survey on a mobile device and finish it later on a computer or laptop.

Online Surveys

Document Sharing

Documents can be shared with your users through an online repository. Upload and share your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDFs with your peers and learners - accessible online from anywhere using mobile devices. The users can open the documents from a mobile browser without downloading information to device memory, or download the file to enable offline access.

Document Sharing

Discussion Forums

Give your mobile learning app users a native experience to create new topics or add comments under existing topics within multiple Discussion Forums.

Discussions can enhance the learning experience by enabling your learners to share their experiences and insights with peers.

You can moderate the posts to avoid spam.

Turn on email notification to let the users know when new comments are posted.

Create and Publish Your Own Mobile App Today!

Build a Collaborative Knowledgebase

Learning must be always on. A pre-packaged course may offer a lot of information, however, there is always more information that needs to shared on the same topic that can be tapped through your in-house experts and users. 'Ask the Expert' module enables mobile users to submit their questions. Each question is routed to one or more experts on the related skill area and responses are organized in a searchable knowledgebase. Use Instancy�s mobile app design tool and simply drop this module into your app and that�s how simple it is to add this module to your branded mobile learning app and start tapping into the wisdom of the crowd!

Instancy Ask The Expert Services

Create a Multimedia Content Library

Upload audio/video content into the repository and publish as a stand-alone podcast, or use the audio material within mobile learning courses.
Large images or video files are auto-resized with an aspect ratio appropriate for mobile delivery - without disrupting the quality of the content.

Multimedia Content Library

Enable your Learners to Purchase from their Mobile Devices

Create a catalog of your training, educational offerings, and digital content to sell through various e-commerce and payment options - all accessible from mobile devices. Create and offer coupons to your users to receive fixed-amount or percentage-based discounts. Track daily and monthly best-selling items.

Enable Your Learners to Purchase from Their Mobile Device

User Management

Create and manage your users' login accounts/profiles and control what they can access on the mobile portal. Create a user database with custom features, such as password access. Create user groups and various business units to establish access hierarchies/roles in the system.

User Management System

Reports and Analytics

Track user behavior, performance, and content usage. Track mobile learning assignments, learner progress, course completions, assessment scores, social learning engagement, and more.

Reports and Analytics Tool

Provide Access to Content and Assignments Offline

Enable your users to download content within Instancy LMS native app for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android devices, and access the downloaded content when the Internet is not available (such as a long flight - what better time to learn?). Users can play/launch the content from the download list in the app without requiring Internet connection. When the Internet connection becomes available, the progress is synchronized back to the server.

Access Content & Assignments Offline

Synchronize Learner Experience and Progress using Experience API (xAPI)

Learners' experiences and progress data are recorded locally within Instancy's native apps, and then data is synchronized with the Instancy Learning Record Store (iLRS) when the Internet is available. Instancy utilizes the latest eLearning standards such as the Experience API (xAPI) to ensure that your data is interoperable with your learning management system and other HR or student management systems.

Progress Using Experience API (xAPI)

Create and Publish your Own App Today!

Register to create your own app and publish to Apple and Android app stores - enabling your users to download and access your app anytime, anywhere.

You can set your own price in the app store or distribute the app for free to your learners.

Update your native app appearance and content without having to republish the app to the stores. This means your updates are immediately viewable by your audience rather than waiting days or weeks to update an app on the store.

Create and Publish Your Own App Today!

Instancy Course Conversion Services

We can help you convert your Flash or other courses for mobile delivery, and we can help in creating content from scratch.

Instancy Course Conversion Services

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