Instancy Mobile Learning App and Content Development Services

Mobile learning, marketing, and performance support.

Instancy is pioneering mobile content by rethinking how content is created and delivered. We don't just translate the prevailing web models onto mobile devices. We consider your goals and user devices, and then craft an optimal solution for mobile learning, marketing, customer service, and more.

Mobile technologies such as tablets and smartphones allow companies to disseminate knowledge on-the-job in real time. These devices allow people to collaborate and collect intelligence directly from the field to enable analysis and decision support. Instancy is working with its partners and clients to empower mobile knowledge workers with on-demand access to knowledge anywhere, anytime, and on any device to maximize productivity and business results.

Instancy solutions can be delivered on a variety of mobile devices, and include:

  •   Just-in-time information and knowledge
  •   Learning & assessment delivery
  •   Performance support, simulations, and games
  •   Mobile marketing and consumer content
  •   Customer service and support

All Services

  • Learning Strategies

    Instancy works with learning and knowledge management teams to identify business objectives...

  • Mobile App Development

    Instancy develops both responsive web and native app development to reach your audience on the devices...

  • Blogs/Online Communities

    Create your online presence and build a community around your learning programs with Instancy's blog,...

  • eBook Development

    Instancy can create media rich portable content for learning on any device in industry formats like PDF, ePUB, Mobi...

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