Instancy Learning Management System Administration, Reports and Analytics

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Instancy Learning Administration, Reports and Analytics

You want to assign and track eLearning. But what about automating and tracking blended learning? Instancy Learning Management System gives you many different options to manage and automate learner logins, registrations, and learning assignments -- from eLearning to classroom to videos and more. Evaluate outcomes and progress with powerful ad-hoc reports, dashboards, and analytics. One tracking and reporting system for multiple learning modalities.

So what makes Instancy different?

Flexible, comprehensive, and automated learning registration

There are many ways your learners can enroll in learning programs. Instancy helps you manage individuals and groups based on job roles, skills, compliance requirements, prerequisites, and completion history. You can use push notifications to connect with learners outside the LMS environment.

Track and report progress across many learning modalities

Because Instancy enables you to integrate all forms of learning in one place, you can track learners' progress and experiences from an integrated reporting/analytics system. Reporting can be used for classroom, virtual classroom, videos, eLearning, assessments, certifications, and more.

Integrate data with other systems through data export and API integration

Learning systems must be able to connect with other websites and applications. Instancy provides data export options and APIs to integrate your learning data with HR, CRM, and other business applications.


Flexible Learner Registration and Login

iLMS gives you many different options for learner logins and registration:

  • Enable self-registration
  • Customize the user profile fields: require approval or not
  • Offer a single sign-on from your existing website or web application to the iLMS
  • Automate registration from your system to iLMS
  • Allow use of Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social accounts for iLMS sign-in
  • Enable a "Forgot your password" feature
  • Establish automated email notifications to welcome users
Flexible Learner Registration and Login

Easily Manage Users, Roles and Groups

  • Create individual user accounts or batch import users through an Excel® template
  • Organize users into groups or build group hierarchies (regions, departments, schools, or classes)
  • Assign iLMS system roles to enable system access and tasks
  • You can even define new roles in the system based on a database of feature-level privileges
Easily Manage Users, Roles and Groups

Manage Course Assignments and Curriculum

  • Assign or un-assign courses and learning resources to individual learners, groups, or departments
  • Automate course assignment based on group, prerequisites, and other business rules
  • View each learner's or group's assignments and track progress and completion
  • Allow learners to subscribe to or enroll in courses from a catalog, or access the content from their 'My Learning' or 'Playlist'
  • Add "required" or "recommended" prerequisites to courses
Ready Management of Course Assignments and Curriculum

Reach Learners via Push Email and Mobile Notifications

With today's busy schedules, learning systems need ways to reach learners beyond the learning portal or web site.
Reach your learners where they are most likely to see your reminder - via email and mobile push notifications.
Use iLMS' built-in notification framework to customize and automate your messages. Keep learners informed about their assignments, required learning, upcoming learning events, and more.

Reach Learners Via Push Email and Mobile Notifications

Learn from Your Data with Reports and Analytics

The reporting feature of Instancy's LMS helps you track user progress status for all the users within your group or site. You can also generate progress reports at the individual, group, or site level for an individual course, event, or learning resource, or across all learning modalities.

You can search for users based on progress and completion history, and take action on the search results. You can filter, sort, or export the data.

Learn with Reports and Analytics

Memorize and Schedule Reports

Instancy Learning Management System reports can be customized by selecting fields and options before generating the reports. But the 'memorize' feature can be used to remember your options and fields such that you can generate the report quickly without having to select those options each time you generate the report. You can save a memorized report by specifying a name and share it with other managers and administrators.

You can schedule a report to run daily, weekly or monthly. A report is sent to the email addresses of the selected recipients. You can send the report to LMS Admin users or to external users by specifying their email addresses.

Reach Learners Via Push Email and Mobile Notifications

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