Instancy Learning Record Store (iLRS) and Experience API, xAPI, Tin Can API Integration

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Learning Record Store - LMS Integration with Instancy LRS

Learning Record Stores (LRS) capture all of your learners' progress data in one place for analysis. Instancy's LRS is fully integrated with the Instancy Learning Gateway suite, including content authoring, learning management, mobile learning, social learning, and e-commerce. Instancy LRS sits in the middle of Instancy Learning Gateway, enabling you to automate learning workflows and personalize learning for each learner. Beyond learning tracking, this is a smart and personalized learning system.

So what makes Instancy different?

Instancy LRS is integrated with a total learning ecosystem

Instancy helps you track all learner experiences - inside or outside your learning management system, giving you a single repository, analytics tools, and comprehensive ad-hoc reporting.

Automated learning workflows

Each learning activity captured within Instancy LRS enables you to automate the learning workflows from assigning the next learning module to recommending the best learning pathway . We also help you engage your learners with multimedia-rich content and gamification (small rewards and achievements to incentivize learning).

eLearning standards and interoperability

Instancy is committed to eLearning open standards, and our Learning Record Store and Experience API give the power to interchange content and student progress data with other learning and enterprise systems.


Introducing Instancy Learning Record Store (iLRS)

The Instancy Learning Record Store (iLRS) is a cloud-based application that receives and stores real-time learning activity data generated by the Experience API. The Experience API can be embedded within web or mobile content and applications, whether the content and applications are inside or outside of the Instancy Platform.

The Experience API (xAPI) and Instancy LRS allow you to track learning activities anywhere and everywhere - web browsers, mobile apps, simulations, performance support, social learning, business applications, and more. You can track any kind of activity, store the information in Instancy LRS, and generate insightful reports.

For example, you can track the users' activity in a software simulation. This tracking can show how the users interacted, where they clicked, and the path they took within the simulation.

The Instancy LRS also supports both basic authentication and OAuth authentication protocols to accept data from any external system. OAuth provides a secure and convenient way to validate data submitted to an LRS, without putting any of the user's login information at risk.

Instancy LMS integration with Instancy LRS

Instancy LMS uses xAPI to send every learner activity to the Instancy Learning Record Store, including learner login, registration, course progress, assessment and quiz responses, and informal and social learning. The iLRS is integrated with Instancy Learning Management System (iLMS), which enables you to view the dashboard and progress reports. Additionally, you can view the learning activities in a timeline format for greater clarity. You can use the advanced filter options to view the activity logs for any user on any activity within a specific date range.

The Instancy Learning Record Stores(iLRS) is integrated with Instancy Learning Management System (iLMS), which enables you to view the dashboard and progress reports

Instancy LRS Dashboards, Reports and Analytics

The Instancy LRS provides many dashboard modules. You select the modules that will provide the insights you need to manage your learning and business performance metrics. Much like a car dashboard, the iLRS dashboard provides tools for training managers to respond to learners and business needs effectively. The dashboard widgets (modules) allow you to drill down to lower levels of detail about learning activities. The Instancy LRS' Experience API statement viewer allows you to view all of the statements sent to the LRS. You can view raw statement data or you can filter statements for a specific user and learning activity, such as an online course, assessment, discussion forum, etc.

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