Instancy Learning Management Portals and Sub-portals for Businesses and Educational Institutions

Design your learning portal the way you want

Instancy Learning Portals and Sub-portals

Do you have a vision for your new learning system, or an idea of how you want it to look and operate? Instancy understands the challenge. Our Learning Management System has been built to allow you to use either pre-defined themes to configure your learning website, or to define a custom theme for your organization. In addition, you can select all or some of the system components, depending on your needs.

So what makes Instancy different?

Complete flexibility

When it comes to LMS implementations, one tool does not fit all. Instancy LMS comes with a portal architecture to enable you to make a simple tweak or complete make-over.

Responsive design for web and mobile access

For many Learning Management Systems and web portals, mobile deployment is an after-thought. Instancy portal architecture has been built for web and mobile access from day one to enable you to reach your learners no matter what devices they use, and where they are.

Public portal, private learning environment, or both

Whether you're creating a public portal with few courses, an entire online university, or a private learning portal for your internal team, Instancy provides secure access for people for a specified duration of time. We provide flexible access control.


Support Multiple Learning Communities (Sub-portals)

Are you providing similar training material to different clients? For example, businesses providing training in health care environments often want to offer their courses under a medical center's branding.

  • Businesses sometimes want to provide separate portals for customers, and for customer service
  • Some businesses provide different portals for the different vertical markets they serve

Providers who support communities of practice use sub-portals to aggregate learning resources, eLearning content, and social sharing for specific needs. Sometimes even business units within the same client have their own "look and feel."

Multiple Learning Communities

Design Your Own Learning Portal with Built-in Design Tools

Pick a theme from a theme library to change several design parameters at the same time. Individual elements within a theme can be customized, too.

Learning Portal with Built-in Design Tool

Integrate the Learning Portal with Your Website

Use APIs to integrate LMS content directly into your existing business website. Your team can do this, or Instancy can make this happen for you with our professional service offerings.

Integrate the Learning Portal with Your Website

Use Email and Text Reminders to Help Your Learners

Instancy offers many ways to help your learners remember their training commitments and appointments, complete assignments, and receive results.

You decide what reminders will be used, and how and when your learners will get reminders.

Text Reminders to Help Your Learners

Site Localization

Do you offer training on a global scale? Have you struggled with people performing local translations that don't maintain the integrity of the content? Are your users unhappy because they are forced to study in an unfamiliar language? Instancy allows you to offer not only your training content, but also your website, menus, catalog, and discussion forums in multiple languages.

You decide which reminders will be used, and how and when your learners will get them.

Site Localization

Happy Customers

Meet a few of our clients and hear how Instancy has impacted their learning initiatives.

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