Instancy Learning Object Repository (iLOR) Software System

One central repository for your entire team

Instancy Learning Object Repository

Manage your source content in a single repository and update it as needed in Instancy's Learning Object Repository (iLOR). We keep it simple for you. With Instancy's commitment to eLearning standards, your content is always accessible from the latest mobile devices. You'll stay current with technology because we do. Empower your entire team to collaborate and create content rapidly.

So What Makes Instancy Different?

Create once and publish in many formats

Many authoring tools provide features to edit interactive eLearning content. Instancy leverages the open XML repository of source content separately from delivery, so you can publish to HTML5 and publish for web and mobile consumption.

Collaborate, reuse, and share

Empower your entire extended team of authors and reviewers to create, review, and publish content. In addition, setup additional teams to get their own source content based on business needs. Reuse and recombine content objects to speed content distribution and personalization.

Create a single repository to support multiple content types

Learning content comes in many shapes and forms and needs to be published to multiple eLearning standards based on your business needs. Instancy's repository enables you to create many types of content in one place - eLearning, glossary, assessment, surveys, documents, class events, and much more.


Organized Collaborative Author & Review Workflows

Enable individuals or groups of authors and reviewers to create and review content using iLCMS' web-based authoring tools. Collaboration and review are streamlined. Orchestrate the workflow of content creation, review, and publishing. You set the parameters. Add additional authors and reviewers easily. The entire process is scalable.

Organized Collaborative Author & Review Workflows

Rapid Content Creation

Instancy provides the web authoring tools you need to significantly reduce the costs and time associated with content development. We've done lots of the work for you.

Use the software you already know to author content. Instancy provides Microsoft Word® Storyboards, and PowerPoint® and Excel® templates to author content. Our powerful tools convert your files into eLearning assets that can be accessed on the web and on mobile devices with no additional effort on your authors' part.

We have the tools to help you. Web-based WYSIWYG visual editors and templates, a glossary editor, web page editor, reusable media assets, assessments, and learning objects help you to assemble the content rapidly.

We give you options. Choose from a variety of skins for the look you want in your course. We save your time. Preview the content and package and publish easily - without extra work.

Rapid Content Creation

Instant Delivery in Varied Formats - without Coding

Instancy saves the content you create with our tools in a delivery-neutral format. This means that your content can be published effortlessly into many output formats like HTML5, Flash, PDF, and mobile. You do not need to re-author the content or write scripts and software code.

Delivery in Varied Formats

Our Standards Work with Industry Standards for Interoperability

We focus on making it simple for you. Instancy automates the process of content packaging using eLearning standards. We stay current with standards so that your work is easier and can be re-used. Standards like SCORM, AICC and Tin Can API all work with Instancy. Because we know eLearning standards are critical to ensuring content interoperability with third-party learning management systems, Instancy also helps you import standards-compliant content created using third-party authoring tools.

Industry Standards for Interoperability

Your Content is Fully Reusable

Blended learning involves many forms of learning and content types. Instancy's iLCMS makes it easy for you to organize and manage many types of learning content, all in one single repository. Content examples include:

  • eLearning modules (learning objects)
  • Assessments
  • Documents
  • Surveys
  • Classroom events
  • Virtual class events
  • Discussion Forums
  • Glossary
  • Web pages
  • eBook

With Instancy, you have additional flexibility by combining and reusing your content and learning modules in new learning tracks and curriculums.

Fully Reusable Content

Easy, Flexible Media Access and Reuse

Media files like images, audio, video and flash, and document files (DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF ) can be meta-tagged with keywords, descriptions, creation date, price, etc.

Organizing your learning assets with Instancy LCMS allows you to reuse them in many ways. Incorporate your learning assets within web pages, learning modules, and online assessments easily.

Easy, Flexible Media Access & Reuse

Simple, Versatile Version Control

Manage multiple versions of your eLearning source content within Instancy LCMS. Roll-back to a previous version as needed.

Simple, Versatile Version Control

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