Instancy Learning Content Management System (iLCMS) & Authoring Tools

Empower your entire team to create interactive multimedia learning content

Instancy Learning Content Management System

Instancy is the better way to manage the complex learning requirements and to drive better performance in your organization.

Instancy makes it easy for you to create, combine, store, package, and publish your learning content in multiple formats such as web, mobile, CD, and PDF. Easy for you, your instructors, your reviewers, and your students.

Create content without writing complex HTML, XML, software programming scripts, or code in Instancy's Learning Content Management System (iLCMS). We've already done the programming for you.

LCMS Features

  • Learning Object Repository (LOR)

    Manage your source content in a single repository and update it as needed in Instancy's Learning Object Repository (iLOR). We keep it simple for you.

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  • eLearning Authoring Tools

    With Instancy's web-based eLearning Authoring Suite, create powerful eLearning content rapidly and cost-effectively to play responsively on multiple devices. Energize your training content with multimedia presentations that synchronize audio or video with animated content.

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  • Storyboard Conversion Tool

    Effortlessly convert your Microsoft Word® instructional storyboard documents into engaging eLearning content. Publish to HTML5 without any programming knowledge.

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  • PowerPoint to eLearning conversion

    Convert your PowerPoint® files into eLearning modules quickly and easily.

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  • Online Assessments and Surveys

    No learning platform is complete without the feedback that online assessments and surveys provide. Instancy's online assessment and survey tool is feature-rich and easy-to-use.

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  • Online Test Preparation

    Automate the complete workflow for creating, delivering and managing test preparations. These tests can be delivered both on the web and on mobile devices.

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