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Who We Are

Instancy provides a cloud-based, comprehensive and modular web and mobile learning platform to professional training and digital publishing businesses to help them increase their revenue by establishing branded learning websites and mobile apps, creating and delivering personalized educational content to clients.

Instancy�s second product is an online marketplace. The learning marketplace,, is an ecosystem that enables training content suppliers and services providers to sell educational content and services to business and career oriented individuals.

Problem in the marketplace that our products/service solves

Training companies and educational content publishers/content aggregators typically must purchase and integrate multiple applications, painstakingly aggregate disparate content, and re-author content multiple times for publishing on different formats and output devices. Instancy solves the front-end problem by integrating all the software for a turn-key, cloud based solution that is purchased by the company on an as-needed subscription basis. Instancy provides a gateway to plug-and-play online tools, web APIs, and access to services providers to help training providers achieve higher revenues. With Instancy any company can setup an online university or an online school and deliver learning and engage with learners worldwide.

Technology of our solution

Instancy�s cloud-based software-as-a-service called Learning Gateway� is suite of turn-key, modular, integrated applications to set up a Learning On-Demand Portal and mobile apps to deliver personalized, social, gamified learning experience.

Our new online marketplace and e-commerce,, enables learning providers to sell job and competency based learning programs to businesses and individuals. The marketplace enables many to many relationships between buyers and suppliers of educational and skill-development content.

Characteristics of the market for our products

Our existing clients leverage Instancy�s comprehensive and integrated learning platform to generate more revenue while reducing operational costs. Our clients include:

  •   Training organizations and educational publishers monetizing content via B2C and B2B models
  •   Small and medium size training organizations serving employees and customers for knowledge and skill development

Revenue model of how we get paid

Instancy revenue is made up of software-as-a-service recurring subscription fee based on number of users and software setup fees.

Existing and new clients pay us a monthly recurring fee for software-as-service solution. In some cases, they pay an additional, up-front fee for customized features and system integration. Instancy�s marketplace generates revenue in the form of revenue share with training providers.

We accept payment online through credit card, bank transfer, or we can also invoice and accept checks.

Type of funding sought

Instancy is issuing $5 million of Series A Convertible Preferred Stock (the �Series A Shares� or "Series A Preferred") at $1.00 per share (the �Original Issue Price�).

Uses of funds

The following are Instancy's spending priorities and use of funds:

Our first priority is to build an efficient marketing and sales strategy and effectively execute these strategies; this includes:

  •   Implement an effective digital and traditional marketing strategy
  •   A quick and simple sign up service for our website and a successful affiliate web marketing strategy.
  •   Build a sales, marketing and business development team (reseller and affiliate partnership development) team

Instancy's second priority is to provide support for our expanded sales funnel. Through improved customer service and staff, we hope to successfully implement the sales funnel and increase the volume of positive customer reviews/feedback and referrals

Instancy will continue to require capital for growing its operations including cloud-servers and to conduct software innovation and research to keep pace with customer and market demands and seek intellectual property rights to our products.

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