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Instancy was organized in 2002 by Harvey Singh, a pioneer in the e-learning industry who has more than 22 years of industry experience, following a successful exit in 2001 for preferred investors from his eLearning platform company called MindLever, Inc when it was acquired by a public company that was traded on NASDAQ, Centra Software.

Instancy has developed two primary lines of businesses:

  •   Instancy Learning Gateway � A cloud-based, integrated, modular Learning Management Application suite for Web/Mobile learning to create, manage, deliver and monetize personalized learning (this suite includes learning management system/LMS, learning content management system/LCMS and a host of related applications). Offered as a paid subscription service based on a user count, Instancy application suite may be purchased together or as separate web services. Clients may integrate Instancy application with their existing web applications or websites
  •   eLearning Marketplace operated under the name, a global business to business job-skill development marketplace that enables any training provider to establish a branded online learning school and offer a social learning environment and mobile apps to businesses and consumers. This marketplace includes third party learning technology apps and a learning content/app exchange service that permits knowledge experts to publish their content to a widely accessible audience. Instancy shares the revenue with learning providers for transactions facilitated through its platform and marketplace

At the present time, Instancy's Learning Gateway, which operates on a software as a Service (SaaS) basis is the primary revenue-generating business. The eLearning Marketplace has only been piloted in a limited way and generates a very small amount of revenue from those pilots.

The first $3 Million of proceeds of this offering will be used primarily to grow our Learning Gateway business. If we raise more than $3 million we anticipate forcing the extra proceeds in greater marketing campaign to promote the marketplace to increase revenue from the elearning marketplace.

The capital that Instancy will raise in this offering will be used greatly expand marketing, sales and customer service efforts to accelerate revenue growth from these two product lines. A proportion of the capital proceeds of this offering will be used to add additional features and international scalability to existing products and to keep these products current with ever changing industry and technology trends and standards.

Instancy's cloud-based Learning Gateway operates on a Software as a Service basis. Our subscription revenue model generates recurring revenue from:

  •   U. S.-based small to mid-size businesses and their international counterparts that provide skill development and online training to employees, customers and channel partners
  •   Large publishers that provide digital learning products to businesses, academic institutions and consumers
  •   Small online training businesses that provide a limited number of courses to businesses and consumers in various trade and career specific niche markets

As we add features to our learning platform, we expect to enter the large eLearning market comprised of career-based educational institutions, professional trade associations, academic institutions, college institutions, large/multi-national corporations.

Instancy's learning platform is designed to meet the needs of both internal (private portal) and external learning content distribution (public portal with e-commerce). eLearning Marketplace for Learning Providers and Consumers

Instancy's eLearning marketplace business, which can be accessed through our portal and Instancy Learning mobile app, is an opportunity for training providers and knowledge experts to participate in the growing "Sharing Economy." Instancy Learning vision is to democratize learning for anyone wishing to improve their career/professional or personal skills and connect with learning providers worldwide.

Instancy Learning marketplace is designed to generate revenue by facilitating transactions between Learning Providers and Learning Consumers. Learning providers includes individuals (authors, coaches, experts) and training businesses (training companies, trade associations and digital content publishers) that provide career related learning resources including eLearning courses, eBooks, physical class events, virtual classes/webinars, video tutorials, audio podcasts, classroom courses, one-on -one coaching and mobile learning apps. Learning Consumers include businesses that seek to improve the skills of their employees, partners and customers and individuals who seek to improve their knowledge, skills and ca employability.

When we commercially launch the eLearning marketplace, Instancy will charge uses a share of the revenue these learning providers earn for all the transactions managed by Instancy on

On Instancy Learning, learning providers will be able to create their own Branded Social Learning Portal, an Online University that includes:

  •   A fully hosted learning platform powered by all the plug-and-play applications provided by Instancy and integrations with third party apps
  •   A web portal design tool to create a website with personalized logo and branding and with menus, home page and other pages, learning catalog and more
  •   A built-in store-front with eCommerce and multiple payment collection options including membership subscriptions, coupons
  •   Ability to design and publish a branded Mobile Apps to App stores and offer online and offline (without internet connection) mobile learning content on Google, Apple and MS Windows App stores.
  •   Ability to enroll instructors, contractors and manage their compensations
  •   Aggregate, deliver and manage eLearning courses, online assessment, certification; create calendar of events (classroom training, Webinars) through Event Management/Class Registrations module
  •   Manage student enrollment and progress tracking, learning administration and reporting
  •   Social tools such as discussion forums, online chats, blogs, opinion polls, and web conferencing increase engagement and provide learners with the ability to create and share their knowledge with peers and experts.
  •   A complete set of web authoring tools to upload existing content or design and create your own eLearning and Webinar (web-conferencing) based content.

The Instancy Learning marketplace will enable businesses to create their own private learning portals for their own employees as a group and subscribe to learning resources provided by various learning providers.

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