Instancy Learning Management System Gamification

Reward and motivate learners to learn and perform.

Gamification on Learning Management System

Gamification on the Instancy Learning Management System is about using game concepts to reward and motivate learners. Gamification keeps the learners engaged and motivates them to complete the required learning activities and courses. Instancy helps 'gamify' the learning process in which learners gain the required skills, knowledge, and performance in a more fun and engaging manner.

So what makes Instancy different?

Flexible Gamification Rules

Many systems provide fixed rules for assigning gamification elements such as badges and points. The Instancy LMS provides a flexible framework to configure Gamification rules according to organizational objectives and audience preferences. You can assign badges or points for any kind of learning activity within the LMS. Also, e-commerce purchases may be linked to the Gamification engine and reward learners with discount coupons towards their next purchase.

xAPI Based Tracking

All learning activities within the Instancy LMS are tracked using the Experience API (xAPI) and saved to the Instancy Learning Record Store (LRS). The LRS data is then integrated with the Instancy LMS. This integration enables the Gamification engine to validate criteria for assigning user rewards. Furthermore, the rewards are not restricted to only learners on the Instancy LMS. Users with any role on the Instancy system can be rewarded because all activities are tracked through xAPI.

Gamification of Social Learning

All of the social learning activities within the Instancy LMS are integrated with Gamification framework. As a result, learners may be rewarded for actively participating and contributing in connection requests, discussion posts, and knowledge sharing via wikis, in addition to joining knowledge communities.



Reward badges to learners as evidence of their accomplishments. Badges are shown as part of a learner's profile. These profile badges encourage other learners to do their best, because they can click on a badge icon and see which activities can earn them the same badge, You can associate rules for the completion of specific formal or informal learning activities with various badges from the built-in badge library. You can also import new badges to use within your own rules.



Enable learners to earn points through learning activities, course completion, online assessment scores, connecting with people, and sharing or contributing content that is useful to others. Points can be accumulated to reach higher goals.



Encourage competition among learners through leaderboards that display rank based on the highest points achieved. There are leaderboards for the entire site, an individual course, or at both site and course levels. The leaderboards are linked to the live stream of activities to reflect rankings immediately.


Featured Learners and Experts

Reward your star performers and contributors by identifying them as 'featured learners' and 'experts'. Special status encourages greater participation in knowledge sharing, learning, and application in the work environment.

Members and experts are shown in the 'featured' list, according to variables such as number of activities or number of content items shared.


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