Benefits of Instancy Employee Training and Development Solution

Increased Employee Satisfaction, Motivation and Retention

Assessing the current skills and abilities within the team enables managers to strategically plan targeted development programs that consider any potential skills gap. Employees feel valued within the company, fostering loyalty, productivity and retention.

Develops Skillsets for Future Leaders

Targeting skills and employees for future leadership will help establish a business for growth and change. By reviewing existing talent and grooming them internally versus via external recruitment, you build a loyal and empowered workforce.

Increased Innovation and New Technology Adoption

As your company adopts new technologies and efficiencies, increased product and process innovation training provides the perfect use case for ongoing learning and knowledge sharing. The multigenerational workforce craves learning.

Why Instancy for Employee Training and Development?

Support for Multiple Roles in the Learning Process .

Whether you are a small training department or a large one. Instancy provides the flexibility to support multiple Learning & Development roles to supaport the employee training and development process: Admin, Manger, Instructors, Learners, Event Admin, Facilities Managers and more.

Provide Personalized Learning Plan for Every Employee

Leverage Instancy to provide multiple and blended learning modalities including self-paced eLearning, assessment, certification, micro-learning, classroom or virtual classroom training, and spaced repetition to reinforce the learning. Build online learning communities and foster knowledge sharing.

Learning Analytics to Help Drive Change

Knowledge drives decisions. Leverage built-in learning analytics to make data-driven decisions about job-roles, competencies and skill gaps. Learners, managers and training administrators get access to the data they need to play their role in the learning process.

FAQs About Employee Training and Development

Single Sign-on and Integrations with HRIS and CRM Systems. In addition, Instancy provides a MS Teams App that integrates Instancy LMS with the MS Teams to enable learning to be delivered within the daily teams collaboration and workflow
Yes, you can create a combination of learning portals and groups for your internal business units or departments. A learning portal provides you the ability to configure the modules and features each business unit needs. Whereas, a group allows you to provide group specific content without a unique URL/domain for each user segment.
The Instancy Learning Management System provides dozens of built-in dashboards and reports. However, you may define your own reports and dashboards using the built-in reports and dashboard design module. Further, Instancy makes the data securely available through Microsoft PowerBI for you to query and visualize your data the way you like
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