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Hire and develop fantastic employees...

There is no better way to drive productivity and profitability than to hire and maintain highly motivated employees. In today's competition for employee talent, companies are increasingly turning to knowledge management to attract new hires, fill positions with internally groomed candidates and quickly replace the knowledge void created by key departures. Some of the key areas of success revolve around:

  • New Hire Education Programs
  • Continuing Education/Certification Programs
  • Enterprise Application Training

Instancy Platform can help you build an employee learning portal with easy to navigate interfaces and robust search engines. Provide your employees with just-in-time knowledge on new product initiatives, company news, corporate policies and guidelines, benefits updates, whatever you need to distribute and track. You can even measure the success of these programs by having Instancy Platform identify and calculate any business metrics you choose.

Increase productivity through continuous and performance support...

In a fast-paced and highly competitive business environment where complexity of products and services is rising yet time to competency is decreasing, employee learning needs to be blended with day to day work.

Instancy Knowledge-Workflow Platform provides an innovative and seamless portal for combining formal and informal learning, collaboration, task-workflow management, and just-in-time performance support - including access to step-by-step guidance.

Maintain compliance and reporting requirements...

In addition, there is a great need for today's organization to manage and report on many regulatory demands. Human Resources and Training Departments may be faced with any or all of the following issues, to name but a few:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Six Sigma
  • Diversity Management
  • Regulatory Compliance and Documentation

How your data is structured and securely transferred must be addressed in order for compliance to be considered successful. Instancy Platform implemented in conjunction with your corporate intranet, can embed training initiatives and compliance issues into core business processes. Employees can roll out human resource initiatives, initiate corporate communications, provide compliancy, generate reports and create a knowledge workflow remedy for all types of documentation requirements that will continue to plague businesses for years to come.

Whether your initiative involves a specific training intervention or creating a comprehensive world-class Online Corporate University, Instancy Platform may be configured to scale and give you right tools, architecture, and IT infrastructure and support.

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