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Instancy Web-Based eLearning Authoring Tools

Empower your entire team to create powerful eLearning content rapidly and cost-effectively with Instancy's web-based authoring tools. Energize your training content with multimedia and HTML5-based presentations that synchronize audio and video with animated content. Engage your audience through interactive simulations and create personalized learning pathways through your content. Create your content once and deliver it in many formats - desktop web browsers, mobile devices and print. Add multiple language translations to your eLearning modules and assessments and enable users to view the content in a preferred language.

So What Makes Instancy Different?

Building content is as easy as using Lego™ building blocks

The Instancy Authoring Suite includes the web-based authoring tools your entire team can use to create different types of content. Content objects may be meta-tagged and searched, used, combined, recombined, or reused within many different courses and curricula.

No programming or scripting to produce interactive content

With Instancy, you can truly create eLearning content without coding. You don't need to know how to write a single line of code. Our Learning Content Management System and eLearning Authoring Suite give you the tools you need to get your work done.

Built-in support for eLearning open standards

Instancy has done the heavy lifting so that you can easily publish your content as HTML5 for web or mobile delivery. You can also export your content as a SCORM, AICC, or Experience API (xAPI) package to run on either the Instancy Learning Management System (iLMS) or a standards-compliant third party LMS.


Learning Module Editor

  • Create engaging eLearning content anywhere and anytime using Instancy's web-based Learning Module Editor.
  • Use pre-defined page templates and visual editing features to add multimedia elements including text, video, graphics, audio, and animation.
  • Add hot-spots, pop-ups, hyperlinks, quizzes, remediation, or timeline features to synchronize multimedia elements on a page.
  • Preview your creation in HTML5. Package and publish to the Instancy LMS without copying or worrying about underlying files or media assets.
Learning Module Editor

Microsoft PowerPoint Converter

Convert your existing PowerPoint slides into engaging eLearning content, saving both time and costs when producing eLearning content.

After importing the PowerPoint file or selected slides into the Learning Module Editor, enhance the content by adding interactions, multimedia elements, quizzes, and much more.

MS PowerPoint Converter

Microsoft Word Converter

  • As an instructional designer, wouldn't you like to create your eLearning storyboard in a familiar tool like Microsoft Word?
  • Just import your existing Word storyboard documents along with embedded media elements into the Learning Module Editor and you can automate the production of eLearning content.
  • Edit the content further after importing your storyboard using the web-based visual Learning Module Editor.
  • Add visual form and style, course table of contents or navigation, page level interactions, assessments, progress tracking, and more.
  • Preview and convert your content into a SCORM learning object to upload into a variety of learning management systems.
MS Word Converter

Assessment & Survey Editor

  • Develop an assessment or quiz with a series of questions to test learners' knowledge and skills.
  • Create a survey to administer course evaluations.
  • Deliver your assessment or survey stand-alone, within a learning track, or through an online course.
  • Choose from question types such as true/false, single correct, multiple choice, fill-in-the blanks, essay, drag and drop, and single/multiple matrix questions.
  • Combine online assessments with learning modules and experience seamless course navigation.
  • Package and publish the assessment (or survey) with built-in user tracking and LMS integration.
Assessment & Survey Editor

Knowledge Article Editor

  • A knowledge article is a how-to guide, job-aid, or step-by-step procedure.
  • Instancy's web-based Knowledge Article Editor allows you to insert images, screenshots, videos, or hyperlinks, and create links to related knowledge articles.
  • Empower your subject matter experts to create a knowledge base for your team or customers.
Knowledge Article Editor

Learning Track Editor

  • A learning track is effectively an online course, in a format that's more dynamic, blended, and versatile.
  • Customize your content rapidly by creating multiple learning tracks and reusing learning objects to meet the needs of different learner segments.
  • In a learning track, you can blend multiple learning modules, assessments (including pre-assessment and post-assessment), documents, multimedia content, classroom or virtual classroom events, and other learning resources.
  • Make your learning tracks more adaptive by adding content sequencing and workflow rules based on learner progress, performance, or preference to help users navigate through the content and get optimal results.
Learning Track Editor

Learning Templates

  • Instancy's eLearning content creation systems separate your content from how it presented (its appearance).
  • The presentation layer of your content is a key part of a Learning Template.
  • Separating "content" from "presentation" is a feature that will save you time & money on course revision.
  • Content can be delivered in HTML5 or Flash technology. As new technologies are developed, this separation will allow you to take advantage of their benefits without re-creating your material.
  • You will not need to re-author your content to change the presentation style or presentation technology. Simply change the Learning Template to repackage content.
  • Templates allow you to standardize many features of your course: look and feel, branding, logo, background colors, course navigation features, table of contents, page numbering, and many more.
  • Reuse a selected set of templates to provide consistency of content "look and feel" across various courses and curricula developed by multiple authors.
  • Change templates to deliver existing material to a new set of customers.
Learning Templates

Webpage Editor

  • Create HTML pages for your learning portal / website using the visual web page editor.
  • Switch between HTML source and design modes at any time.
  • The changes you make are instantly reflected in both modes.
  • Embed images, audio, video, hyperlinks, and tables.
  • Format the text according to your preferences.
  • Preview your content instantly to see how the web page looks when published.
  • Update the page any time and publish to your learning portal.
Webpage Editor

Glossary Editor

  • Create an alphabetical list of terms and definitions or short online dictionary related to the topics covered in a course.
  • Link the glossary to one or more learning modules or learning tracks.
Glossary Editor

Event Editor

  • Schedule your classroom training or webinar events with ease using Instancy's Event Editor.
  • Specify attributes such as multiple sessions, start date, end date, time, location, and enrollment limits.
  • Assign each event to a facilitator who can manage the attendee list and mark attendance.
  • Combine training events (classroom or webinars) with online learning activities to create blended learning programs.
Event Editor

Learning Reference Editor

  • The Learning Reference Editor helps you create links to learning resources outside the Instancy Learning portal on other websites.
  • Empower your learners and course authors to create and share useful links to learning resources.
  • You can even create a catalog for physical products such as books, DVDs, and more to offer as training and education resources.
Learning Reference Editor

Certificate Editor

  • Design branded Certificates using the web-based Certificate Editor.
  • Reuse the Certificates for multiple eLearning, classroom courses or assessments created using Instancy authoring tools.
  • Leverage existing Certificate template in the content library or crate a new Certificate from scratch.
  • Use dynamic fields such as user name, course title, completion date, credit hours and more.
  • Learners can view a Certificate within a web browser or mobile devices or print it.
Certificate Editor

Media Resource Repository

Media files such as images, audio clips, videos, and Flash files can be meta-tagged and organized in your iLCMS repository. Reuse media files with ease whenever required within web pages, learning modules, and online assessments.

Media Resource Repository

The Instancy system maximizes your access to and use of your eLearning content objects.

Find out how Instancy's Web-Based eLearning Authoring Suite can help you achieve your objectives with ease and flexibility.

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