Instancy eCommerce and Internet Marketing Management Software Solution System

Monetize your learning programs.

Instancy eCommerce and Internet Marketing System

Create a storefront with your own domain name and unique look. Set up the catalog with built-in shopping cart and purchase workflows that match your business needs. Whether you're selling a single eLearning course, a content bundle, or a blended learning program, the Instancy eCommerce and Internet Marketing System gives you the flexibility to maximize your revenues. It's a system designed to increase your revenue.

So what makes Instancy different?

An integrated and robust eCommerce system

With a built-in e-commerce and shopping cart interface, Instancy Learning Management System helps you monetize your content effortlessly.

Multiple ways to market and monetize your content

Sell your training programs to businesses and consumers alike. Sell through resellers. Sell through affiliates, and sell through the marketplace - all using Instancy's integrated system.

Internet marketing made easy

Promote your content through promotions and coupons, Search Engine Optimization, email campaigns, and content marketing with plug-play modules.


Build a Public Website

Instancy Learning Gateway enables you to create a branded learning web site. Your site will have your own domain name, look and feel, functionality, and workflow that match your business needs. Additional software components may be selected from a library and configured as your business needs expand.

You can build an e-commerce or mobile-commerce interface to sell your content using a flexible and visual interface.

Instancy provides a flexible architecture to deliver multiple content types for highly interactive training programs. Content may be streamed over the web or downloaded on a mobile device. Instancy can provide you with everything you need to monetize your learning assets.

Build A Public Website

Catalog Management

Use the Catalog Management System to create a web portal with a catalog of learning products and services.

The catalog may be presented before or after user registration and log-in. You decide if users have to register before they see what you have to offer, or whether you will use your catalog as an enticement to get them to register.

Catalog Management tool

E-Commerce and Payment Management

Sell your educational content through a number of convenient e-commerce and payment options.

The Instancy e-commerce management system is integrated with multiple payment gateways including PayPal and Authorize.Net. The system comes with an integrated shopping cart interface.

E-Commerce and Payment Management System

Membership Management

Use the Membership Management module to run a membership subscription site. Configure multiple levels of membership with monthly, quarterly, or annual payment options.

Control access to content based on membership subscription levels.

Membership Management

Affiliate Management System

Add an Affiliate program to increase revenue by encouraging referral partners to send buyers to your site.

Affiliates earn commissions when the referral makes any purchase from the catalog.

Affiliate Management System

Tangible Goods Catalog Management

Sell your physical goods as well. The Instancy catalog management system enables you to list and manage the sale of tangible items like books, CDs, and T-shirts through your web site.

Integrate your physical goods list with digital or learning products listed in the learning management system, or list them separately.

Tangible Goods Catalog Management

Banner Ad Management

Grow revenue with banner advertisements. Build a sponsor database and manage banner ads. Track banner views, click-throughs, and click-through rates. Provide online reports that advertisers can view in real-time.

The Instancy eCommerce module allows you to easily manage sponsorship registration, payment collection, and a product portfolio or content catalog. Identify and target potential sponsors among content publishers hosted by your site.

Banner Ad Management System

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