Free Download: eBook Ten Trends for The Next Generation Learning Environment

Next Generation Learning Environment to Deliver the Right Learning to the Right Person within the Right Context

Next generation learning environments are expected to be smarter, flexible and truly agile to support different learning requirements and multiple learning models and approaches. Learning organizations will be able to combine learning models and repurpose content dynamically to meet each individual learner s needs resulting in higher performance and productivity.

This eBook elaborates the key trends & aspects of the next generation learning platform that is empowered by technology for effectiveness, competence and scale.

ebook Ten(10) Trends for The Next Generation Learning Environment

  • Search & On-Demand Learning
  • Job-Competency Based Learning
  • Personalized and Adaptive Learning
  • Social Learning & Informal Learning
  • Performance Support &Learning in the Workflow
  • Blended Learning
  • Interactive and Engaging Learning
  • Gamification of the Learning Environment
  • Mobile Learning & Personal Learning Assistant
  • Powerful Analytics based, Experience API & Big Data

Next Generation Learning Environment to Deliver

  • Right Learning
  • To the Right Person
  • Within the Right Context

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