Benefits of Customer Service Training Solution

Reduced Time for Customer Service Team to Respond to Customer Needs

Customer service representatives are your first line of communication with your customers. Keep them trained on the products and the business organization. This improves their knowledge and skillsets, but also boosts confidence and morale as they feel motivated and engaged to do the best job possible.

Increased Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

When customers have a question or problem, they contact customer service. Knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives show the customer they made the correct decision to purchase from you. A satisfied customer will improve sales and revenue as they tend to purchase more leading to increased loyalty.

Higher Reputation and Brand Recognition

The more your customers purchase from you, the better your revenue and profitability. Your organization becomes the ‘go to’ source. Satisfied customers tell their colleagues how they depend on your company for training and professionalism. This improves your reputation and standing. You get new customers by referral and become an authority.

Why Instancy for Customer Service Training?

Access Learning Anytime, Anywhere

Your customer service team is the first level of communication for your customers. By providing expert product knowledge and customer service skills training on-demand, give the team the tools they need for customer success. With our learning object repository and template-based content development, your product team can create and update content rapidly.

Multiple Learning Types for Richer Learning Experiences

By offering multiple learning types, including eLearning courseware, reinforcement through spaced repetition, or just-in-time knowledge base of byte-size learning, videos, documents, web-pages, and webinars, you can satisfy different learning needs. Social learning ensures the customer service team has access to your product and engineering experts for quick problem resolution.

Our Learning Analytics Engine Works for You at Many Levels

Much more than course completion tracking, our learning analytics engine tracks all learning activities and user actions. Analyze the data to provide insights about skill gaps at individual and team levels. A configurable dashboard lets you run reports to answer key questions. Easily change what you track to give you the quantitative information you need.

FAQs About Customer Service Training Solution

Yes, Instancy Learning Management System is a versatile system that supports eLearning courses, webinars and also knowledgebase for your customer service teams. The knowledgebase may include a repository of webpages, documents, videos to help customer service teams find a answer to specific customer problems.
Yes, instancy provides a number of social learning tools built into the Instancy Learning Platform to help increase internal collaboration and content creation. The tools include discussion forums for conversations between your customer service team and internal subject matter experts, Question and Answer databases. In addition, through the Instancy Portal, you can enable your internal teams to create and share webpages, video, documents, webinar recordings or links to other sites. This way you can create a powerful knowledgebase to help support your customer service team.
Yes, you can create multiple sites for customer service teams and external customers through a common learning management system. This way, you can share a lot of common content that is required for internal team and external customers.
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