Benefits of Instancy Sales Training Solution

Customer Education Increases Revenue

Provide product training to help customers learn how to use your products, including new features. When customers believe your solution is the best one for them, sales increase.

Showcase Product Best Practices

When customers learn about your product and discover many different ways your product can be used, it motivates them to identify new ways to use the apply your solution to their unique environments.

Build Stronger Customer Connections

Educated customers are more loyal to your brand. Your customers become brand ambassadors. Customers feel engaged, part of the community, and give useful feedback to improve your products.

Why Instancy for Customer Education?

Anywhere, Anytime Access to Product Knowledge

Provide customer education the way your customers want it – on desktop, Progressive Web App or Native Mobile App. Create one or multiple client-specific sites for different customers or product knowledge communities effortlessly with drag and drop tools. No programming required.

Intelligent, Personalized and Blended Learning to Help Your Customers Succeed

Instancy provides a versatile learning platform to offer multiple modalities of learning from video, eLearning, webinars, and learning paths to podcasts. Organize your learning around client type, job role, skills or location. Offer your training in multiple languages.

Learning Analytics to Gauge Customer Engagement

Through dashboard and reports your client success team can track learning success. Client admins can also get access to their own learner’s progress through admin portals and scheduled reports. Automate actions based on certain conditions to push the right learning to the right person.

FAQs About Customer Education Solution

There are two primary ways you can add and manage customer accounts: create unlimited number of client groups within your main learning management portal, or create a separate branded learning portal for each customer. With a separate learning portal for each customer, you can set-up a distinct URL for the sit, and configure features and content for each customer.
Instancy provides many ways to automate the customer enrollment process. You can use client groups or site URLs to invite users into your system. They can also use a unique group activation code to join your site. Users can self-enroll into the system using the group activation code. In addition, you may batch upload user data for any group using a spreadsheet file.
Yes, Instancy provides a single Sign-on option for each customer group to access the site. We can support your IT team to configure single sign-on
Instancy integrates with many CRM and Marketing Automation Systems to track and synchronize user learning activities. We also work with your IT team to integrate the Instancy Learning Platform with your CRM System.
Instancy provides localization support for the learning portals and content. Leaners can select their preferred time zones and languages to personalize the learning experience. Learning Administrators can edit multiple language text directly on the admin web application or import a file with the translations.
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