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Define and build characteristics that lead to superior performance.

Instancy Competency Management System

Competency management systems allow you to build a database of job roles and required competencies and skill levels. With Instancy, you can also link competencies and skills to recommended learning for a powerful and complete competency management system. The Instancy Competency Management System (iCMS) allows you to automate and personalize learning plans for each learner. Focus your training to develop expertise in the shortest amount of time.

So what makes Instancy different?

Develop expertise to match the performance you require

Create your competency model and define the required level of expertise for every skill related to every job/role. Enable and measure the learning based on required skill levels.

Create personalized learning plans

Create a personalized learning plan based on each learner's job/role. Recommend learning resources or automate the assignment of learning based on roles and skills.

Find experts when you need them

Enable your users to search for experts and peers based on their roles and skill levels. Enable knowledge sharing and collaboration, and increase employee and customer satisfaction levels.


Target Learning Based on Skill Requirements

The Instancy Competency Management System module is integrated with the Instancy Learning Management System and enables you to create a job role and skill-based learning environment. Users can search learning resources and training options based on their job requirements and skill gaps. Training managers and administrators can plan curricula based on roles and skills gaps. This module allows you to:

  • Create a job competency skill model and a categorized competency and skill library
  • Maintain a job and competency-based learning content catalog
  • Develop, deliver, and administer competency assessments and ratings
  • Identify skill gaps and plan, prioritize, and track learning activities
  • Auto-assign training based on job-role and skills
Create a job competency skill model and skill-based learning environment

Manage Skills and Performance

Analyze workforce skills, determine performance gaps, and deliver targeted role-based learning programs and resources through the skill and performance management system. Performance management dashboards provide job skill and business measurements at the knowledge-worker, manager, and executive levels.

Skill and Performance Management System

Create and Review Professional Development Plans

Enable online professional development planning and reviews to facilitate your team to meet organizational and individual objectives. Each individual can add multiple goals to their development plan, review and finalize the goals with their managers' feedback. Instancy Professional Development Planning module provides a web interface and workflow to support users, managers and administrators to:

  • Customize the fields on the 'Goals setting' form
  • Request the individual or the entire group of users to work on their professional development plan
  • Enable users to document their goals, required skills, resources and target dates for review and evaluate the results
  • Configure email notifications to send out to users and their managers for effective communication in reviewing the plan and documenting the results
  • Provide the feedback to users they need to reflect and plan for their next goals
  • Archive the previous development plans and create new development plans
  • Export professional development plan to spreadsheet
Professional Development Plans

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