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Today's flatter world's features fast-paced product life cycles and a competitive landscape in which channel partners such as value added Resellers and distributors play an increasingly critical role in expanding your sales territories and revenues. Ultimately it's the effectiveness of the flow of knowledge between your organization and channel partners that determines channel success.

Create an effective flow of knowledge between your organization and channel partners...

With Instancy's Channel Partner Knowledge Portal you can create a continuous and dual directional flow of knowledge between product management and marketing and your channel partners.

Create, manage, and deliver comprehensive product marketing, product training and documentation by blending eLearning, classroom learning, and webinars with live conferences, discussions, multimedia presentations and more.

Speed up product knowledge and rich-media based content creation with Instancy's award-winning collaborative web-based authoring tools. Save costs by creating content once and publishing it many times through multiple delivery modes including web, print, and mobile.

Expand your influence with Instancy's informal knowledge sharing environment which includes sharing documents such as product cases studies and FAQs, as well as sharing knowledge through blogs and Wikis.

Build loyalty through personalized knowledge and fresh, relevant content...

Create a master portal and a series of sub-portals to meet each channel partner's needs. Provide a personalized and configurable knowledge portal for each participant based on language, territory, product category, and personal interest.

Launch and track email campaigns and eNewsletters from an integrated platform.

Track, measure, and certify...

Are your channel partners ready to represent your products or services effectively? With Instancy, you can measure success and track knowledge content access, compliance and certification.

Why Instancy Channel Partner Knowledge Portal?

Instancy Channel Partner Knowledge Portal combines the best of Web 2.0 knowledge management, eLearning, and knowledge communities to delivery on-demand access to the right knowledge needed to deliver consistent results.

Instancy is proven to reduce implementation time and lower IT overheads by offering fully managed services. Further, you can leverage Instancy's professional services and web service offerings to integrate your channel partner knowledge portal with existing customer and partner management systems like

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