Instancy Blended Learning Software Solution System

Deliver and manage blended learning, assessments, and performance support

Deliver and manage blended learning

Instancy's Learning Management System (iLMS) lets you plan, manage, deliver, and evaluate personalized and blended learning programs. You can use iLMS to work with eLearning, classroom training, webinars, video tutorials, informal learning, or performance support. The Instancy platform gives you the flexibility and capabilities you need to get the results you want. Instancy provides support options to create and manage learning solutions across an extended community of employees, customers, and partners.

So what makes Instancy different?

Manage all learning in one place

Whether you deliver learning within your LMS or through other websites and third-party learning management systems, you can track all the learning activities and data in one place - Instancy LMS.

Blend multiple learning modalities in a single program

Many learning systems are designed to manage limited modalities of learning. Instancy can manage multiple modalities of learning even within a single learning program.

Personalize learning tracks for every learner

Whether you create single or mixed-mode learning tracks (for example, eLearning and classroom sessions), Instancy's sequencing rules engine helps you personalize them to every learner to maximize learning outcomes.


Deliver and Manage eLearning and Assessments

The delivery (LMS) and the content management (LCMS) modules are closely integrated. This means that you can create, deliver, and manage eLearning and assessments quickly and easily, without rework. Users can search learning resources and training based on categories, content types, and skills.

eLearning and Assessments

Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS)

After training, skilled workers still have an on-going need for instant access to information. Sales, customer support, service technology, and workers in many other positions can use the Performance Support System for step-by-step guidance, assistance within the context of job-related tasks, or business processes and other individualized online information.

Use the Instancy EPSS to create and deliver performance support information to workers throughout the business, on the devices they already use, and wherever they are.

Electronic Performance Support System

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