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Russ Powell "Instructors call the technology 'a game changer.' Users call the app 'fabulous.' I call Instancy 'brilliant!'"
  Steve Quann
Senior Advisor for Technology in Education at World Education
Russ Powell "We worked on a web-based training project with Instancy and were delighted with the results. Instancy was extremely helpful throughout the project and went above and beyond the call of duty helping us put together a course with equal parts style and substance -- it looked great and functioned well. They were creative, fast, flexible and accurate. The combination of these things helped us move efficiently through each phase of the project. As a whole Instancy has been delightful to work with in every way. I recommend them highly and I look forward to collaborating on more projects in the future."
  Russ Powell
Workforce Performance Improvement
Santa Rosa, CA
Russ Powell "Prior to using this product, I didn't have a way to create a course out of the materials I had, let alone a way to launch and track it."
  Kevin O'Donohue
Founder, Owner & Managing Partner TEKS The Training Company LLC