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Instancy Learning On-Demand Portal™

Instancy Learning On-Demand Solutions™ are built on a scalable, modular, fully hosted Instancy Platform that makes these solutions completely flexible and adaptable to your business needs – and you only pay for the modules you use. You benefit by skipping expensive and time consuming software installations and updates.

You may seamlessly combine multiple solutions to fit your business needs and knowledge-workflows™ across the extended enterprise – to connect with employees, partners and customers – to help manage your online communication, collaboration, learning, content and knowledge sharing, online community programs.

Instancy Learning On - Demand Solutions For the Extended Enterprise
Instancy Learning On-Demand Solutions™ include:
Sales Knowledge Portal
Empower your sales team with business intelligence, knowledge content, and tools to deliver top performance. >> More
Customer Service Knowledge Portal
Increase customer satisfaction and responsiveness by automating knowledge-workflows™ between your organizations and your customers. >>More
Channel Partner Knowledge Portal
With Channel Partner Knowledge Portal you can create a continuous and dual directional flow of knowledge between product management and marketing and your channel partners.>>More
Field Service Knowledge Portal
Increase revenues and response time by providing each Field Rep with the tools, information, and knowledge they need to succeed in the field. >>More
Customer Knowledge Portal
Improve customer retention and loyalty. Provide product or service knowledge anywhere, anytime, and on any device. >>More
Employee Training & Performance Support
There is no better way to drive productivity and profitability than to hire and maintain highly motivated employees. >>More
Software Application Training
In ever evolving enterprise software applications rollouts, take control of change management, training, and performance support.   >>More

Content Publishing & e-Commerce
Internet has now become the most established medium for communication and delivery of content to worldwide audience. >>More
Knowledge Community Portal
Involve your customers and gain new insights. Share knowledge. Expand through e-Commerce. >>More
Online University Portal
Public and private higher-education institutions and professional associations are faced with an incredible opportunity to expand their reach and enrich their programs through online and blended learning programs. >>More