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Instancy Social Learning Management System for Higher Education

A Course and Learning Management System (LSM) for Higher Education is a web/internet-based software system to assist and facilitate the process of teaching and learning in an academic (college or university) environment.

Instancy Course Management System (CMS) or Learning Management System (LMS) for Higher Education enables students to access their course or class related information including schedules, course objectives, digital study materials such as documents, images, audio and video lessons, online or eLearning modules, exam preparation modules, online workbooks and assignments using a web browser on the desktop or laptop computer. The centralized LMS server maintains all the student and course information and data.

Instancy Social Learning Management System goes further by enabling students to search faculty, staff and subject matter experts and peers in order to connect with them online using online discussion forums, chat, email and document sharing tools.

Instancy Mobile Learning™ Management System serves as an extension to the desktop web browser based LMS and enables students to access all the course information and study materials on a mobile computer such as an Apple iPad or iPhone, Google Android or Blackberry smartphone, etc. using a mobile browser or a downloadable App (an easy-to-install application on the Mobile device). The study materials and course information may be downloaded on to the device for convenience and easy access anyplace, anytime.

Through an easily customizable web portal and course catalog interface, students may enroll in one or more courses at any given time based on their degree, continuation education or certification program using a secure login and password. An integrated payment and e-commerce system enables students to make online payments for various courses and study materials using credit card and other non-electronic payment methods.

Faculty members may access the Instancy Course Management System to manage classes they are teaching in a semester or year. They can upload and share with students all the class related documents and digital content such as audio, video, eBooks, assignments and more. New discussion topics may be added easily. The built-in tools assist faculty in administrative aspects of class management including managing class schedules and activities, student attendance, posting homework and exam assignment and managing grade books. Some of the online assignments may be graded automatically using objectives questions such as multiple choice, fill-in-the blank or matching questions and some may be graded by faculty and teaching assistants using online workbooks with long answer responses or digital document submissions.

Instancy Course Management System also comes with an integrated Instancy Learning Content Management System (iLCMS) and Learning Object Repository (LOR) that enables faculty to create sharable repository of online courses, modules and multimedia resources. Built-in web browser based authoring tools enable faculty and staff to create online or eLearning courses, online assessments (with question banks with randomization) and exam preparation modules, online student surveys and web pages.

Academic Staff may access the CMS to manage many administrative processes student coruse catalog management with course descriptions, registration, payment and enrollment processes, class rosters and grades, provisioning study materials and more.

A Course Management System is critical to academic success in today’s internet-based culture and trend towards globalization in academic environments. Faculty and students are becoming increasing comfortable with the use of web and course management systems to aid the teaching and learning process and course management system is seen as an essential rather than just an occasional or nice to have tool.

Immediate Results

With Instancy Social Learning Management System - our framework and fully integrated suite of applications - organizations benefit with immediate performance gains. Immediate results include:

Rapid deployment. Through our software-as-a-service and fully hosted model, Instancy Social Learning Management System can be deployed in days enabling you to empower faculty, students and staff to distribute and manage course information and content.

One integrated solution. Instancy brings together creation, management, and delivery components into one integrated framework. This allows you to mobilize your knowledge content and distribute the content to the right individuals at an unprecedented speed. You don't need to buy multiple tools and applications and hire an IT team to pull the most innovative knowledge architecture together. We have done all that work for you!

It's easy. Only Instancy allows your faculty and subject matter experts to create diverse content types so quickly using an innovative web based authoring system. No programming or coding is required!

Open Architecture and Interoperability. Instancy Social Learning Management System is designed as an open architecture that easy to integrate with Campus ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems and External Digital Libraries and existing online courses using distance Learning standards such as SCORM and IMS

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