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Cloud-based Instancy On-Demand Learning Platform™

Achieve your training business objective through our comprehensive and easy-to-use learning platform
Instancy Integrated Product Suite Mobile Learning App Platform Learning Content Management & Authoring Tools eCommerce & Catalog Management Learning Record Store & xAPI (Experience API/Tin Can API) Learning Management System

Learning On Demand – it’s what people want, need and expect from the Internet today. With the right knowledge at the right time on the right device, people perform better and accomplish more. Instancy’s revolutionary platform is the first Learning On Demand solution of its kind. With Instancy, you can rapidly create, manage and deliver learning, knowledge and performance support via the Internet and mobile devices, and you can boldly empower individuals and groups with immediate knowledge solutions.

On-Demand Advantage

Instancy is setting the standard for Learning On Demand and winning many new customers in the process. Our Learning On Demand Platform ™ delivers more – more capabilities, more cost savings, and more immediate benefits – all from a single system of integrated plug and play applications. Our visionary leaders and developers have spent many years listening to the needs of users in the knowledge community like you, translating your ideas into a simple-to-use knowledge and learning platform that is web-hosted and available on-demand.

Empower People

With Instancy, organizations can empower their workers, partners, and clients to instantly access performance-enhancing knowledge content such as eLearning, assessments, test preparation, online surveys, product information, manuals, multimedia presentations, job-aids, webinars, certifications, push notifications, third-party content and more - anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Individuals, groups, teams and even entire workforces and customer bases perform better when they have immediate access to the right information at the right time in the right format.

Flexible Framework

Instancy’s flexible portal framework and on-demand architecture enable enterprises, training businesses and publishers to configure custom, learning-on-demand portals that serve target audiences as blended learning, knowledge sharing and social learning environments.

Organizations can very quickly create, manage and deliver learning and knowledge content in the context of business workflows from a fully integrated web-hosted system. Instancy leverages Web 2.0 technologies such as user-generated content, web-based multimedia authoring, workflow automation, content management, collaboration and one-click rendering of content to multiple target formats to streamline and improve the processes involved in creating and delivering personalized online content.

Simple-to-Use Interface

Instancy Learning On Demand Platform™ is a powerful, yet simple-to-use framework that includes five integrated products that may also be installed (or deployed) separately if required:

Instancy Learning Management System (iLMS)

Instancy Learning is the next generation Learning Management System (LMS) that enables you to deliver social, personalized and highly effective learning programs. Learn More...

Instancy Learning Content Management System (iLCMS) and Authoring Tools

Instancy’s robust content authoring framework significantly streamlines the development of personalized and blended learning and performance support content with pre-configured and customizable Web-browser-based templates, collaborative content development workflow features, single source content management and one-click rendering of content across multiple delivery vehicles.Learn More...

Instancy Mobile Learning Apps Platform for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android Phones and Tablets

Create Mobile Learning Apps without writing a single line of code! Use Instancy’s ready-made platform to create a mobile browser-based learning portal or create learning management or learning module apps for Apple iPad, iPhone and Google Android devices. Learn More...

Instancy Learning Record Store (iLRS)

The Instancy Learning Record Store (iLRS) is a cloud-based web application that receives and stores real-time learning activity statements generated by the Experience API. Learn More...

eCommerce and Catalog Management

The Instancy E-commerce and Internet Marketing system enables organizations to monetize their learning programs. Learn More...

Immediate Results

With Instancy Learning On Demand Platform™- organizations benefit with immediate performance gains. Immediate results include:

Rapid deployment. Through our software-as-a-service and fully hosted model, Instancy can be deployed in days, rather than weeks. This rapid deployment cycle enables you to aggregate and disseminate useful knowledge and learning content to your audience and start collecting input and feedback right away.

One integrated solution. Instancy brings together creation, management, and delivery components into one integrated framework. This allows you to mobilize your knowledge content and distribute the content to the right individuals at an unprecedented speed. You don’t need to buy multiple tools and applications, plus hire an IT team, to pull the most innovative knowledge architecture together. We have done all that work for you!

It’s easy. Only Instancy allows your subject matter experts (product marketing, customer service specialists, instructional designers, etc.) to create diverse content type so quickly using an innovative web based authoring system. No programming or coding is required!

It’s relevant. Instancy provides a just-in-time knowledge environment that delivers the relevant content when it is needed. Portal availability, usability and usefulness are key success factors that Instancy addresses. Customizations is easy and a high degree of personalization can be added, based on multiple criteria. Job- and workflow-specific content within the context of business processes drives greater performance gains by increasing the reliance upon the system by target users.

Get a pulse on performance. Instancy allows you to align learning and knowledge management implementation with your business goals and objectives. Our solution supports your business processes such as sales, customer service, channel partner development, etc., and allows you to track user behavior and performance of tasks.


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