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Instancy Performance™

Instancy Performance™ enables companies to get the ultimate value from their learning and knowledge and human resource investments. With on-demand performance support, competency models and performance tracking, Instancy helps organizations drive optimal job performance.

Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS)

For optimal performance and accuracy in the moment, people need instant access to crucial information. They may need step-by-step guidance, assistance within the context of job-related tasks or business processes or other individualized on-line information.

Instancy's learning on-demand platform provides a complete set of tools for creation and delivery of knowledge nuggets and digital performance support content via web browsers and mobile devices.

Skill and Performance Management System Skill and Performance Management System

Analyze workforce skill, determine performance gaps and deliver targeted job role-based learning programs and resources through the skill and performance management system. Performance management dashboards provide job and business measurements at the knowledge-worker, manager, and executive levels.
Competency Management System Competency Management System

Competency Management System module is integrated with the Instancy Learning Management System and enables you to create job-skill based learning environment. Users can search learning resources and training interventions based on their job requirements and skill gaps. Training managers and administrators can plan curriculum based on job-skill needs. The features include:

  • Create a job-competency-skill model and categorized competency and skill library
  • Job and competency based learning catalog
  • Competency assessments and ratings
  • Identify skill gaps and plan, prioritize and track learning activities