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Instancy Mobile Learning™

Instancy Platform operates in a truly distributed environment that conforms to the user preferences and the task at hand. It leverages the evolution in the delivery environments, Web and mobile devices, by providing solutions that utilize devices such as Laptops, Tablet PCs, Pocket PCs, etc. It uses a range of interfaces such voice, pen and hands-free interfaces, thus eliminating the need for the end-users or knowledge-workers to conform to the system:

iPods and Media Players (AudioCasting)

iPod is a brand of portable media players designed and marketed by Apple Computer. iPod is currently the world's best-selling digital audio player.

AudioCasting is the process of capturing an audio event, song, speech, or mix of sounds and then posting that digital sound object to a Web site or “blog” in a data structure called an RSS envelope or “feed”.

Manage a repository of digital audio and video content
Search and download digital audio and video content to iPod or other media players

Application areas: AudioCasts can be used with a variety of digital audio formats and play on almost any MP3 player or portable digital audio device, as well as any brand of desktop computer or laptop.

With Instancy, turn your iPod into a portable learning tool. Create, manage, and deliver personalized and media-rich content seamlessly into the iPod or any mobile media player.

iPad Portable Device

Marketed by Apple, iPad is one of the hottest selling portable devices. iPad is built with touch recognition, media player, web browser and many more tools.

Instancy provides a comprehensive Learning Management System, Learning Content Management System and Web Authoring tools that can help you create, deliver and manage content on the iPads:

The Web Browser/Desktop Computer
Course Catalog eLearning Courses
My Learning Page Online Assessments
My Profile Certifications
eBooks Tracking and Reporting
Audio/Video Tutorials    
The Web Browser/Desktop Computer
The Web browser serves as a central and default ‘thin-client’ delivery environment that can be accessed via Desktop or Laptop computer from the home office or remote locations.
The Web Browser/Desktop Computer
Web portal that provides role-based views to task specific information
Web parts (sections of the portal) provide windows through which relevant information can be aggregated and organized
User profiles, preferences, tracking, reporting, and information sharing, and workflow coordination can be facilitated through the Web portal
The Web portal delivery system may be augmented by a range of mobile and wireless configurations and form factors.
Application areas: customizable Web pages, news, alerts, database search, catalog of content including documents, eBooks, Web based training, simulations, and much more.
Tablet PC
Windows XP Tablet PC (about the size of a Laptop computer) is one of the most versatile mobile computers. With built-in support for pen-based digital ink, hand-writing recognition, and speech tools, the Tablet PC can fit into a number Job-task environments (indoor and out-door). Tablet PC’s offer:
Tablet PC
Relatively light weight (many combine the features of a Laptop and Tablet into a common package)
Fully-powered personal computer
Pen and digital ink-based interface to draw, mark-up images, and
Handwriting recognition
Voice interface to access information or record audio clips
Application areas: on-the-job data input/capture (data forms and data validation), image capture and mark-up, eBooks, eCourses, Learning Games, References, Job Aids, Electronic Performance Support (EPSS), voice based information look-up, and more.
PDA / Pocket PC
Pocket PC is a mobile computer that fits in the palm of your hand and uses Microsoft CE Operating System. Most of the latest Pocket PCs available today come equipped with WI-FI (high speed Internet connection) capabilities with easy configuration, Bluetooth for peer-to-peer communication, and productivity tools such as email (Pocket Outlook), Contacts, Tasks and Calendar. Pocket PCs support pen based navigation and writing capabilities, support rich content delivery (audio/video, flash), and are effective in capturing data in the field.
PDA / Pocket PC
Impressive computing/processing power in a small form factor
Hand-writing recognition
Point and click interface
Access to office productivity applications
Application areas: eBooks, Pocket Courses, Learning Games, References, Job Aids, Performance Support, Voice-based look-up, On-the-job data input, capture (data forms) and validation
Blackberry™ Handheld Devices
Blackberry™ handheld devices pack a number of high-demand features in a convenient form-factor including e-mail, mobile phone, calendar, tasks, web browser, and more.
Blackberry™ Handheld Devices
Attachment Service
Corporate Data Access
Paging, Phone and SMS
Wireless Email / Calendar / Internet etc
Application areas: Instancy delivers a comprehensive and flexible mobile content portal solution on the Blackberry™ including learning content, quizzes, check-lists, procedures, data-forms, knowledge-base lookup, calendar sharing, notification, news, and more.
SmartPhone is mobile phone with advanced phone functions, uses Microsoft Windows mobile software, and comes equipped with productivity tools such as email (Pocket Outlook), Contacts, Tasks and Calendar. It is effective for SMS, instant messaging, surfing the Web, deliver rich content and capture data.
Computer in a phone
Size of a cell phone
Simple navigation
More powerful than a cell phone (processing, storage, screen size)
Application areas: Job-Aids, Reminders, News Alerts, Quick Lookup, Games, Voice notes, Surveys and Polls.
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Product Portal Marketing Collateral Management Capture Audio Notes PDA based Mobile Portal
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