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Mobile Learning Management System for Android

Make your eLearning courses more personal and engaging. Deliver eLearning on one the hottest mobile platforms - Android by Google. Instancy Mobile Learning™ for Android enables you to create, manage and deliver mobile learning on Android powered mobile devices from one integrated Learning Management System (LMS).

Key Features:

Rapid Content Creation for Android

Create compelling and engaging content for users accessing the content through the Android devices using the integrated web authoring tool. Different page templates enable you to create content rapidly.

Distribute as Web App

You can distribute your content through a Web App accessible through the web browser on Android devices.

Sell your Content

If e-commerce is enabled on your LMS, users can make a payment from the Android smartphone and enroll in a course.

Course Conversion Services

We can help you convert your Flash or other courses for Mobile Learning - Android delivery or we can help in creating content from scratch.

Deliver Assessments and Surveys on Android

Create and deliver online quizzes or assessments containing single correct, multiple choice, true/false, fill-in the blanks, essay/long answer, drag & drop questions to measure your learner's performance.

Track User Progress

The reporting feature of Instancy Mobile LMS for Android helps you track student course progress, completion and scores. You can also generate progress reports at a group or entire site level.


Track Offline and Synch Learner Experience and Progress
Track Offline and Synch Learner Experience and Progress

The Instancy Platform and Mobile App framework supports offline content delivery, tracking and synching data with a Learning Record Store.

Learning content may be downloaded on a mobile device using the Instancy Mobile Learning Native App. The downloaded content can be launched in offline mode. Learners’ experience and progress data are recorded locally on the mobile device and synched with the Learning Record Store (LRS) when internet is available using xAPI.


Access Content and Assignments Offline

Enable your users to download the content within a native app and access the downloaded content when Internet is not available. Users can play/launch the content from the download list in the native app without requiring the Internet connection.

When the Internet connection becomes available the progress is synchronized back to the server.

Access Content and Assignments Offline