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Instancy On-Demand Learning Portal

Learning for the Extended Enterprise

Learning for the
Extended Enterprise

Instancy Learning Management System

Manage blended learning, informal learning and individualized learning for employees, partners and customers.

Course Registration and
Event Management System

Maximize profits. Effectively manage training, certification and continuing education programs and events, registration, enrollment, payment and reporting processes.
Rapid eLearning Development

Rapid eLearning

Instancy Learning Content Management

Create interactive and multimedia learning content once, deliver in multiple formats effortlessly.

Instancy Web Authoring

Save money and time in creating interactive multimedia content without programming skills. Enable collaboration in content authoring and promote your users to generate learning content.
Deliver Learning Anywhere, Anytime, Any device

Deliver Learning Anywhere,
Anytime, Any Device

Instancy Mobile Learning App Platform

Create your own mobile learning portal to deliver personalized learning tracks, learning modules, assessments, surveys, multimedia content on Apple iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices.

Apple iPhone/iPad & Android Native LMS Apps

Leverage the Instancy Learning Management System Native Apps to enable learning assignments, push notifications, offline learning and tracking learner activities using Experience API.


  • Corporations
  • Training Organizations
  • Associations
  • Publishers
  • Higher Education
  • K-12
Mobilizing skills and knowledge throughout the extended enterprise – your employees, partners, and most importantly your customers - to gain a performance edge!

Empowering professional training organizations to manage the complete workflow of creating, delivering and managing blended learning and certification programs.

Enabling professional and trade associations to offer greater value to members through membership based learning and knowledge content and community based engagement and sharing.
Facilitating the transformation of traditional publishing to digital, multimedia, mobile and social content distribution.

Increasing the quality of faculty and student engagement in the learning processes.
Facilitating academic and continuing education institutions to achieve higher efficiency in managing the supply chain of learning programs and enrollment processes.
Facilitating teacher training and knowledge sharing.
Improving the delivery of engaging multimedia content anywhere, anytime and any device.
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Steve Quann
"Instructors call the technology 'a game changer.' Users call the app 'fabulous.' I call Instancy 'brilliant!'"

Steve Quann
Senior Advisor for Technology in Education at World Education
Kevin O'Donohue
"Prior to using this product, I didn't have a way to create a course out of the materials I had, let alone a way to launch and track it."
Kevin O'Donohue
Founder, Owner & Managing Partner TEKS The Training
Company LLC
Russ Powell
We worked on a web-based training project with Instancy and were delighted with the results. Instancy was extremely helpful throughout the project...
Russ Powell
Workforce Performance Improvement
Santa Rosa, CA