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Instancy Customer Service Knowledge Portal

Increase customer satisfaction and responsiveness by providing self-service web and mobile extranet portals to customers and intranet portals to customer service reps. The Instancy Customer Service Knowledge Portal helps you manage the knowledge-workflows for creating, managing, and delivering information, product knowledge-base, demos, training, and events as well as collecting feedback, and responding the customers. Manage customer projects, deliverables, documents, rich media, data, schedules, virtual meetings, and more.

Achieve higher customer satisfaction through self-serve knowledge portals…

Build a repository of product knowledge content – documents, articles, case studies, demos, frequently asked questions, and tutorials. Enable your customers to access on-demand knowledge and full text search to quickly solve problems and issues anytime of the day.

Equip customer service reps with on-demand knowledge to respond to customer needs…

Empower your customer service reps with blended learning (industry, product training and certification), knowledge-support (just-in-time knowledge access), and performance support (step-by-step guidance on solving customer problem scenarios). Proactively monitor and report customer service reps productivity.

Rapidly create, manage, and deliver up-to-date product knowledge...

Enable internal product experts and external consultants to collaboratively and rapidly update, review, and publish product knowledge for internal (customer service reps) and external (customers and partners) access. Save costs in knowledge-content production and improve effectiveness through tracking, feedback-collection and reporting.

Why Instancy Customer Service Knowledge Portal?

Instancy provides a modular yet integrated Customer Service Knowledge Portal that brings together learning, product knowledge management, business intelligence, event management/collaboration, enterprise portals and integration with CRM/SFA systems.

Backed by managed services and fully hosted systems, Instancy solutions reduce implementation time and costs.