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Online Assessments & Surveys

Instancy Online Assessments and Surveys

No learning platform is complete without the feedback that online assessments and surveys provide. You will need to see Instancy’s assessment and survey system to believe how much flexibility and functionality is incorporated.

You will be able to:

  • Evaluate learning outcomes,
  • Gather learner feedback, and
  • Help learners meet their learning objectives.

Imagine seamlessly delivering the assessments and surveys after creating them with Instancy’s learning content management system and authoring tools. They roll out with ease through Instancy’s Learning Management System (and third party systems). Ease, flexibility and efficiency are cornerstones of each of Instancy’s systems.

Collaborate Easily with Web-Based Collaborative Authoring

Collaborate Easily with Web-Based Collaborative Authoring

Instancy’s WYSIWYG web-based authoring tool makes it easy for you to create online assessments rapidly by using existing question templates. Instancy enables multiple authors, reviewers, subject matter experts to create assessments using the create, review and version control workflows.


Choose the Right Question-Answer Type That Fits Your Learning Objective

Instructors want the flexibility to choose the right kinds of answer formats to questions. With Instancys’ assessment tool, you have use of the most important question and answer types:

  • Single Choice,
  • Multiple Choice,
  • True/False or Yes/No,
  • Fill-in the Blanks,
  • Essay Questions and
  • Drag and Drop.
Choose the Right Question-Answer Type That Fits Your Learning Objective

Maintain a Consistent Look and Feel

Maintain a Consistent Look and Feel

You’ll find that you can easily maintain a consistent look and feel for your assessments by using Instancy’s built-in templates. Choose from a variety of skins and customize the look and feel.

Templates define the basic characteristics for your assessments, like:

  • Fonts,
  • Colors,
  • Navigation buttons and
  • Other graphical elements.

Go Mobile! with Instancy’s Mobile Assessment Deliver

Since Instancy supports HTML5 publishing with dynamic resizing of content frames, you can create your assessments once and deliver them seamlessly on multiple devices; your learners can take the assessments anywhere using any mobile device.

You’ll want to see it to believe it, but the assessment screen resolution is properly adjusted to the device resolution regardless of the varying screen sizes. Are you ready to schedule your no pressure demo?

Go Mobile! with Instancy’s Mobile Assessment Deliver
Save Time with Bulk Importing of Questions

Save Time with Bulk Importing of Questions

You’ll appreciate the ability to import questions in batch from a pre-defined MS-Excel format to create assessments rapidly.

After importing the questions, within the assessment editor, you can:

  • Rearrange the questions,
  • Add media elements, and
  • Add edit the text.

Instancy’s commitment is to continue to find ways to make your work easier so you can focus on content creation and participant learning.


Streamline Your Assessment Workflow

Would you believe you can manually grade essay questions in your assessments?

Instancy facilitates the workflow of:

  • Setting target dates,
  • Submission dates,
  • Email notifications and
  • Instructor/teacher grading.

Instructors can provide their feedback and if necessary, ask the users to retake the assessment.

Streamline Your Assessment Workflow

Monitor Progess with Tracking and Reporting

Monitor Progress with Tracking and Reporting

With Instancy’s tracking and reporting for the assessments, you can:

  • Access the assessment report,
  • Analyze users’ performance,.
  • View question by question learner responses or
  • Analyze how many users responded correctly to a specific question.

Assessments may be used as pre-tests and post-tests. Pre and post assessment comparison reports show learning progress and provide critical feedback on your eLearning success.


Instancy Online Surveys

Gather and manage user feedback on your learning programs and use the data to improve both your training programs and your customer service. The Instancy online survey module can be used to create, deliver and manage web-based feedback forms and link them to eLearning or classroom training programs.

Instancy Online Surveys

Create and Manage Surveys

Create and Manage Surveys

Create survey questions using Instancy’s Web-Based Authoring tools. Attach surveys to any e-learning course or classroom event. After the online course or classroom event is finished users can take the survey from their ‘My Learning’ page. You can also publish a survey as stand-alone content that users can access and take anytime.


Offer Anonymous Surveys

You may decide to send the survey URL to external users who are not registered on the site. Instancy helps you track the responses of registered users and non-registered or anonymous users.

Offer Anonymous Surveys

A Rich Choice of Survey Question Types

A Rich Choice of Survey Question Types

Instancy is pleased to report that in addition to all basic assessment question types, you can include two types of matrix question types in your surveys:

  • single select and
  • multiple select.

Matrix questions are useful when you want to group questions with the same set of responses.


Informative Reporting and Analysis

You can generate a summary report for a survey to see both the total responses and, how users responded to each question.

As you’ll keep noticing, Instancy has done the hard work to make it easy for you. eLearning is our expertise, our passion and our commitment.

Informative Reporting and Analysis


Find out how Instancy’s Web-Based eLearning Authoring Suite can help you achieve your objectives with more ease and flexibility than you can imagine. Contact us for a no-pressure demo today.