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AICC Adapter for Instancy Learning Management System (iLMS)


eLearning courses created and hosted on Instancy platform (we’ll refer to this as the ‘Server LMS’) may be launched from a 3rd party LMS (we’ll refer to this as the ‘Client LMS’) by using the eLearning standards protocol from AICC (Aviation Industry CBT Consortium).

Conversely, using the AICC specification and protocol, Instancy LMS can also be deployed as the Client LMS and access course residing on a 3rd party LMS server.


We now describe the AICC integration between Server LMS (on Instancy Platform) and Client LMS (3rd party LMS):

  • The course is created and hosted on Server LMS (on Instancy Platform)
  • The course is exported as AICC package from Server LMS (on Instancy Platform) and then loaded on to the Client LMS. The exported AICC package contains the meta-data about the course and links to the course enabling the course to be listed and assigned to the user on the Client LMS
  • When the student launches the course from the Client LMS, the course is displayed to the student on the Client LMS and Server LMS serves the course behind the scenes
  • Server LMS sends the course progress and the score information to the Client LMS using AICC protocol; user administrator on the Client LMS can then access the course progress reports