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Kevin O'Donohue
"Prior to using this product, I didn't have a way to create a course out of the materials I had, let alone a way to launch and track it."
Kevin O'Donohue
Founder, Owner & Managing Partner TEKS The Training Company LLC
Russ Powell
We worked on a web-based training project with Instancy and were delighted with the results. Instancy was extremely helpful throughout the project...
Russ Powell
Workforce Performance Improvement
Santa Rosa, CA
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Simulations - The Power of Learning by Doing

Simulations bring us closer to the actual job, task, equipment, human interaction, environment, or ecosystem context - they can make use, think, plan, act, get feedback in a risk-free environment.

Instancy provides simulation design, modeling, and production services on multiple device/form-factors including:

Interactive 3D animations
Business and financial simulations
Business process simulations and scenarios
Role plays and interpersonal simulations
Storytelling and gaming
Categories Choices Hangman
Categories Choices Hangman
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